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HELIPORT LIGHTING SYSTEMS Anytime. Anywhere. Making landings safer in the world’s toughest places.

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About us Signalight is the trademark of Electro Max; we manufacture complete airfield/ heliport lighting, navigation and guidance systems. Why us? Our customizable systems come with exceptional value through a carefully thought set of services, aimed to assist you at every step: design, manufacturing, system setup, testing, validation, operation, and maintenance. We ensure flexibility and full technical support for integrating our solutions, or even manufacturing lighting products according to customer requirements. We offer Helipad and Helideck Lights, FATO, TLOF, INSET, ELEVATED or FLAT,...

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Heliports & Helidecks Surface Level Heliports 'Surface-level heliport' means a heliport located on the ground. Elevated Heliports “Elevated heliport” means a heliport located on a rooftop or some other elevated structure. A helideck is a landing deck for helicopters on ships, offshore platforms or drilling rigs. Legend VAGS Floodlights Alignment Approach FATO TLOF Windcone APAPI/HAPI/GPI TD/PM Circle-

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Products Elevated TLOF FATO Taxiway / Inset TLOF FATO Alignment Taxiway IR available Visual Alingment Guidance System SAGA equivalent Depending on their relative position to the approach axis, the pilots receive visual information form two light “flashes” supplied by the two “flashing” units of the system. AL 087-02-WH-RE APAPI/HAPI/GPI HAPI - Helicopter Approach Path Indicator APAPI - Abbreviated Precision Approach Path Indicator GPI - Glide Path Indicator Beacon The heliport Beacon emits repeated series of equally spaced short duration white flashes. Light flashing rate: letter H in Morse code

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Floodlights 60W Floodlight 20W Floodlight Luminous efficacy: 135 lm/W min. TD/PM Circle-H H TD/PM luminous panels lights Windcone A wind direction indicator, mounted on a stainless steel mast, indicates wind direction and speed using an internally (or externally) lit windsock, while also including an obstruction light at the top. Other Products FATO

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Controllers Heliport Controller V3 Code: AL-078-AX The controller has maximum 8 output independent circuits. These circuits can bear different outputs: 230 V AC, 48V DC, 1.4 A. • The system can be controlled via five different options, as follows: Front-panel buttons. Remote console using RS485 protocol communication. PC Software using RS485 protocol communication. GSM communication. ARCAL remote control. Heliport Controller V2 Code: AL-077-AX The Hely controller is designed as a compact and simple device used to control and provide the power requirements of an entire heliport lighting...

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GSM Module Code: AL-078-AX • Option for Controller V3 Heliport lights control and monitoring. - Compatible with any GSM network. - Control all system functions using an Android smartphone application. •Option for Heliport Controller V3 Remote control software using RS485 protocol communication. The software environment replicates the heliport lighting and guidance system layout and configuration. The user is in complete control over circuits, brightness steps, failure reporting etc. Taxiway Approach CIRCUITS Runway Edge Treshold\Runway End RTIL 4 2 Runway Guard Light 5 3 6 PAPI/ APAPI ON ON...

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Safely guiding your way. +40 254 515 465 office@signalight.com 36 Lunca Street, Petrosani, Hunedoara County, Romania www.signalight.com www.signalight.ro part of

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