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MERCEM300Z Mercury Monitoring System - 1

ADVANCED MEASUREMENT OF MERCURY IN FLUE GASES Extractive gas analyzers Sensor Intelligence.

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MERCEM300Z Mercury Monitoring System - 2

PROVEN MEASUREMENT TECHNOLOGY, IDEAL FOR REFERENCE PURPOSES Reliably measuring mercury in flue gases is difficult and places a great deal of demand on measuring technology. The innovative MERCEM300Z mercury gas analyzer from SICK is able to take reliable measurements in situations where other measuring systems have had to give up. Challenges of measuring mercury Continuously measuring mercury in flue gases presents a number of particular challenges for measuring systems. Firstly, the Hg concentrations to be detected are smaller than other flue gas components by a factor of 1,000. Limit...

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MERCEM300Z Mercury Monitoring System - 3

Reliable measuring technology thanks to a combination of conversion and photometers With the MERCEM300Z gas analyzer, SICK has set a new standard when it comes to analyzing mercury. No mercury leaks, no chemicals used – instead, we apply hot measuring technology, which has been proven over many years. Measuring without moving parts – minimal maintenance The production of the measuring gas is based on the low-maintenance ejector principle. What's more, taking the measurement itself does not require any moving parts. MERCEM300Z: The mercury gas analyzer characterized by its very low...

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MERCEM300Z Mercury Monitoring System - 4

MERCEM300Z Indoor For measurements in air-conditioned rooms at temperatures from +5 to +35 °C For measurements outdoors at temperatures from –20 to +50 °C Compact standard design for the installation in air-conditioned rooms. Possible to arrange additional cabinets on the left-hand side. • Ambient temperature: +5 °C ... +35 °C. Optimized industrial design for measurements in harsh ambient conditions near to where the sample is taken – with integrated air conditioning. • Ambient temperature: –20 °C ... +50 °C.

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MERCEM300Z Mercury Monitoring System - 5

MERCEM300Z – proven industrial design High-temperature converter Optical unit Automatic test gas generator (option) Hg conversion in high-temperature converter Owing to the principles involved, mercury can only be measured in its elemental state. Therefore, it is essential to convert all mercury compounds to their elemental states before actually determining the Hg concentration. And this is where the key advantages of the MERCEM300Z really lie: The conversion is carried out using a purely thermal method, simply by using high temperatures of about 1,000 °C – no chemicals or non-durable...

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MERCEM300Z Mercury Monitoring System - 6

MERCEM300Z – PREDESTINED FOR FLUE GAS MEASURING Mercury is attracting more and more attention globally when it comes to monitoring emissions. Plant operators are faced with increasingly large challenges thanks to new annual limits in Europe and new legislation on measuring mercury in cement plants and coal-fired power plants in the USA. In many cases, the permitted limits for flue gases are already below 10 µg/Nm3. Power plants, incineration plants, or cement kilns, which use fossil fuels or household goods as a fuel must all take responsibility. The fuel used, e.g., lignite or bituminous...

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MERCEM300Z Mercury Monitoring System - 7

Plant safety If high concentrations of mercury are present in the process over an extended period of time, this can cause the flue gas washer to become overloaded with mercury and can ultimately lead to the entire plant becoming contaminated. In the worst case scenario, this could bring the whole plant to a standstill. This can be avoided if high concentrations of mercury are detected in the raw gas using an accurate measurement at an early stage and the appropriate countermeasures are implemented. The requirements for continuous mercury measuring systems in raw gas are significantly higher...

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MERCEM300Z Mercury Monitoring System - 8

MERCURY IN FLUE GASES Additional information Product description system monitors Hg emissions in flue gases with high reliability within the smallest measuring ranges. Due to its rugged housing, MERCEM300Z is suit- • Accurate measurement of "total mercury" directly in a thermal converter (patented) • Measuring operation without using • Very low maintenance gas sampling using an ejector pump - no moving Your benefits • Reliable results of the actual measur- • Very low operating expenses • Minimum maintenance expenditure • Long-term stability minimizes techni- cian time requirements due to...

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MERCEM300Z Mercury Monitoring System - 9

Extractive gas analyzers MERCEM300Z Fields of application • Emission monitoring in incineration of domestic and hazardous waste • Emission monitoring in combustion of sewage sludge or hospital waste • Emission monitoring in cement plants • Emission monitoring in power stations Detailed technical data The exact device specifications and performance data of the product may deviate from the information provided here, and depend on the application in which the product is being used and the relevant customer specifications. System Measured values Performance tested measurands Measurement...

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MERCEM300Z Mercury Monitoring System - 10

Power supply Power consumption Without integrated test gas generator ≤ 2,100 W With integrated test gas generator ≤ 3,100 W ≤ 2,500 l/h 6 ... 7 bar; particle size max. 1 µm; oil content max. 0.1 mg/m³; pressure dew point max. –30 °C ≤ 500 l/h Max. 0.5 bar; accuracy ±2%; water content 5 ... 30 vol.-% Sample connections Sample gas inlet: Swagelok 6 mm Auxiliary connections Test gas: Swagelok 6 mm Instrument air: Swagelok 10 mm Exhaust gas outlet: Swagelok 10 mm Corrective functions Internal adjustment cuvette Integrated test gas generator (option) Drift correction (QAL3) and check of the...

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MERCEM300Z Mercury Monitoring System - 11

Extractive gas analyzers MERCEM300Z MERCEM300Z Indoor system 605 (23.82) WWW.MYSICK.COM – SEARCH ONLINE AND ORDER Search online quickly and safely – with the SICK “Finders” Efficiency – with the e-commerce tools from SICK Product Applications Literature Service Accessories Software Product Finder: We can help you to quickly target the product that best matches your application. Applications Finder: Select the application description on the basis of the challenge posed, industrial sector, or product group. Literature Finder: Go directly to the operating instructions, technical information,...

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