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ENCODERS Incremental encoders, absolute encoders, safety encoders, linear encoders, wire draw encoders

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SICK ONLINE REGISTER AT WWW.SICK.COM NOW TO ENJOY ALL OF THESE BENEFITS m Select products, accessories, documentation and software simply and quickly. m Create, save and share personalized wish lists. m See the net price and delivery date for each product. m Simple quote request, ordering and delivery tracking. m Overview of all quotes and orders. m Direct ordering: even large orders can be placed quickly. m View the status of quotes and orders at any time. Notification by e-mail in the event of status changes. m Easily reuse previous orders. m Convenient export of quotes and orders in the...

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Product family overview Incremental encoders DBS36 Core DKV60 measuring wheel encoder DFV60 measuring wheel encoder Wire draw encoders EcoLine (BCG, PFG) Accessories Connection and mounting systems � K-668 Appendix Glossary HIGH-SPEED ETHERNET ENCODERS Intelligent, powerful, precise The trend in the market is moving more and more towards industrial Ethernet-based fieldbus systems – rapid technical developments such as fast Ethernet, dual-port switches and full-duplex transmission have turned the original Ethernet into a powerful communication system. The advantages resulting from the use of...

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SENSOR INTELLIGENCE IS A PROMISE At SICK, sensor solutions are developed for industrial automation with commitment and experience. From development to service provision: every employee is completely committed to ensuring that sensors and application solutions from SICK optimally fulfill their versatile functions. Company with a culture of success With a variety of products and services, approximately 7,000 employees help SICK sensor technology users to increase their productivity and reduce their costs. Founded in 1946, the company has its headquarters in Waldkirch, Germany, and with more...

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Innovation creates competitive advantage Model with a far-reaching effect SICK sensors simplify procedures and optimize processes to achieve sustainable production. To do this, SICK has research and development facilities in many locations across the globe. In discussion with its customers and in cooperation with higher education institutions, innovative sensor products and solutions are developed. These form the basis for reliable process control, personal protection and environmentally friendly production. SICK builds upon an established corporate culture, pursuing financial independence...

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SENSOR INTELLIGENCE FOR ALL REQUIREMENTS SICK has representation in numerous fields and is therefore familiar with the processes used in a wide range of industry branches. Fundamental requirements such as precision, speed and availability apply globally, but must be implemented differently according to the branch in question. For applications all over the world Hundreds of thousands of installations and implemented applications prove it: SICK understands the industries and their processes. And that is not going to change – in the application centers in Europe, Asia and North America,...

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A For industries with specific dynamics For better results in all fields Where the demands for quality and productivity rise in parallel, industries profit from SICK's profound knowledge and expertise in the relevant sectors. In addition to the automotive and pharmaceutical industries, this also applies to the electronics and solar sectors. SICK provides productive solutions for accident prevention in automated guided vehicles and increases the throughput speed and traceability in warehouses and distribution centers. For protection of the environment and process optimization in cement...

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SICK LifeTime Services SERVICES FOR MACHINES AND SYSTEMS: SICK LifeTime Services From system planning to upgrade services, SICK LifeTime Services provide a high quality of service all over the world. These services enhance personal safety and increase machine and system productivity to provide a solid foundation for a sustainable business operation. Available services range from product-independent consultations to traditional product service offerings. They are characterized by SICK's extensive industry knowledge and more than 60 years of experience. 8015560/2015-09-01 Subject to change...

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SICK LifeTime Services Plant walk-through Risk assessment Safety concept Safety software and hardware design •• Validation of functional safety •• CE-conformance check Product and system support •• •• •• •• •• •• •• •• •• •• •• Installation Commissioning Start-up support Calibration Telephone support 24-hour helpline SICK Remote Service Troubleshooting on site Repairs Exchange units Extended warranty Inspection Stop time measurement Machine safety inspection Electrical equipment check Accident investigation Initial verification Performance check Maintenance •• Upgrade services

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Product overview WIDE PRODUCT SPECTRUM FOR INDUSTRIAL AUTOMATION From simple detection tasks to sophisticated sensors in a complex production process: every product in SICK's wide portfolio offers a sensor solution that optimally combines economy and safety. - Photoelectric sensors •• MultiTask photoelectric sensors •• Miniature photoelectric sensors •• Small photoelectric sensors •• Compact photoelectric sensors •• Cylindrical photoelectric sensors •• Fiber-optic sensors and fibers Proximity sensors •• Inductive proximity sensors •• Capacitive proximity sensors •• Magnetic proximity...

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Product overview A Opto-electronic protective devices •• Safety laser scanners •• Safety light curtains •• Safety camera systems •• Multiple light beam safety devices •• Single-beam photoelectric safety switches •• Mirror columns and device columns Safety switches •• Electro-mechanical safety switches •• Non-contact safety switches •• Safety command devices sens:Control – safe control solutions •• Safety controllers •• Safe sensor cascades •• Safety relays Gas analyzers •• Gas transmitters •• In-situ gas analyzers Dust measuring devices •• Scattered light dust measuring devices ••...

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