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AEROSPACE COATINGS PRODUCT DATA Advantages_ • High gloss, extremely durable product • Designed to work over Sherwin-Williams SKYscapes® basecoat system • Qualified to SAE International’s AMS 3095. • Can be applied over properly abraded Jet Glo Express™ using P600 paper. • Can be applied over Express after allowing a 3hr flash. • Can also be used over Acry Glo® Conventional and Acry Glo® High Solids metallic colors. • Easy to mix • Excellent flow and leveling • Good fluid resistance • Excellent wet edge • Long pot life • Different reducer selections available for all temperatures and aircraft sizes to achieve the appearance and dry time needed • Machine Buffable SKYscapes® Clearcoat CM0850180 DESCRIPTION SKYscapes Clearcoat is a high performance polyester urethane designed to be used over SKYscapes® basecoat on exterior surfaces of commercial or general aviation aircraft. This high performance product delivers a high-gloss, durable finish that can be easily cleaned, buffed and repaired. This coating is qualified to SAE International’s AMS 3095. Coating Properties_ Solids: Sprayable By weight By volume Density: Viscosity-Sprayable Gardner Signature #2 Zahn Cup Viscosity is for recording purposes only Mixed V.O.C. U.S. Exempt Solvent Non-Exempt Solvent Useable Pot Life at 77°F / 25°C Theoretical Coverage Per dry mil Per 25 microns Dry Film Weight Per dry mil Per 25 microns Shelf Life_ 12-18 seconds. Dependant on % of solvent addition. Shelf Life is applicable only for materials stored in unopened and undamaged original factory filled containers. Minimum Storage Temp: 40°F / 4°C Maximum Storage Temp: 100°F / 37°C CM0850180: 3 years Sherwin-Williams Aerospace Coatings • 415 E. Commerce Street • Andover, KS 67002 Tel: 316.733.7576 • Toll Free: 888.888.5593 • Fax: 316.733.1348 Revision 9, 12/13/2013, Page 1 of

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Dry times are based on the dry film thickness of 2 mils (50 microns). Dry To Tape Times: (75°F / 25°C and 50% RH) Select from the Clearcoat Activated Reducer Options Below: Surface Preparation_ CM0850180 SKYscapes® Clearcoat is designed to be applied over Sherwin Williams 850 series SKYscapes® Basecoat colors. If overcoating window for SKYscapes® Basecoat has been exceeded, please apply SKYscapes® Adhesion Promoter (CM0850AP8) prior to application of SKYscapes® Clearcoat. Mixing Instructions Mix by Volume: 1 Part SKYscapes® Clearcoat CM0850180 1 Part SKYscapes® Clearcoat Hardener CM0850181...

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The optimal buffing window is between 24 and 72 hours at ambient temperatures. If longer buffing window is needed, please use Acry Glo Clear (CM0571080) or Acry Glo HS Clear (CM0830080). Product Information Product Data Sheets are periodically updated to reflect new information relating to the product. It is important that the customer obtain the most recent Product Data Sheet for the product being used. The information, rating, and opinions stated here pertain to the material currently offered and represent the results of tests believed to be reliable. However, due to variations in...

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To improve flow and dry film appearance, also add: 'A - 1 Part U.S. Exempt Reducer CM0110944. Activated Reducer Options: • CM0850CR3: Use in hot, humid conditions for full repaint for wide bodied commercial aircraft or application process times that are slow per coat. • CM0850CR5: Use in ambient conditions for full repaint for narrow and wide bodied commercial aircraft or application process times that are fast per coat. • CM0850CR7: Use in ambient conditions on full repaint general aviation aircraft (i.e. business jets, helicopters, etc.), stripes, or part repaint on all aircraft sizes. 3...

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