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AEROSPACE COATINGS PRODUCT DATA JetFlex® Polyurethane PrimerCM0480930 Advantages_ • Excellent adhesion to plastic substrates. • Excellent sealing properties. • Ease of application. • Excellent intercoat adhesion with JetFlex® topcoats. • Meets the performance requirements of Boeing BMS 10-83, Type IV. Description CM0480930 JetFlex® Primer is a white, two-component polyurethane coating designed for aircraft interior plastic substrates. This product is used as a primer to promote adhesion for the JetFlex® Aircraft Interior Finish. Meets the performance requirements for Boeing BMS 10-83, Type IV. Coating Properties Solids: By weight By volume Wt./Gal. Sp. Gravity Color Base Component 54.1 + 2.0% 35.6 + 1.9% 10.3 + 0.25 lbs. 1.23 + 0.02 White Admixed V.O.C. (Mixed 7:1:4) U.S. Exempt Solvent <5.4 lbs./gal. (647 g/L) Non-Exempt Solvent <5.4 lbs./gal. (647 g/L) Useable Pot Life at 77°F / 25°C 16 Hours Dry Film Weight Per dry mil Per 25 microns Shelf Life Shelf Life is applicable only for materials stored in unopened and undamaged original factory filled containers. Minimum Storage Temp: 40°F / 4°C Maximum Storage Temp: 100°F / 37°C CM0480930: 2 years Sherwin-Williams Aerospace Coatings • 415 E. Commerce Street • Andover, KS 67002 Tel: 316.733.7576 • Toll Free: 888.888.5593 • Fax: 316.733.1348 Revision 6, 04/15/2014, Page 1 of 2

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SURFACE PREPARATION___________________ DRYING SCHEDULE________________________ General: Surface should be free of grease, dirt, fingerprints, rust and other foreign matter to insure optimum adhesion. Dry times are based on the dry film thickness of 1.0-1.1 mils (25-28 microns). Plastic: Clean thoroughly to remove contaminants and mold release agents. Use isopropyl alcohol or other suitable solvent cleaner. Test system integrity before use or consult your Sherwin-Williams aerospace representative for additional information. Air Dry Times (75F / 25C and 50% RH) Dust Free Dry Through Bake 30...

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