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WTS series - 1

WTS Series All-weather radio telemetry inclinometer system Features ■ Advanced MEMS inclinometer design for ultra-reliability and performance ■ Distortion free digital 2 way radio system for data integrity ■ Worldwide licence exempt 2.4 GHz radio ■ Remote power on/off (sleep/wake) ■ 100 metre (328 feet) range ■ Rechargeable or alkaline battery options ■ Stainless Steel sealed construction for all-weather use Benefits ■ Wireless ■ Very low power consumption for long battery life sy NOVA Sherborne Sensors, a Nova Metrix company METRIX

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WTS series - 2

Specifications Specifications by Range @ 20°C Deviation from True Angle Resolution -3dB Frequency Internal Resolution Zero Offset Thermal Zero Shift Thermal Sensitivity Shift Data Format Warm Up Time General Radio Licence Modulation method Radio type Data rate Radio Frequency Power Range (see note 1) Channels (DSSS) Battery Life in Low Power Mode Generating Results at 3Hz 2 x AA Alkaline cells 2 x AA Alkaline cells Rechargeable Li-Ion Pack Rechargeable Li-Ion Pack Environmental Characteristics Operating Temperature Range Storage Temperature Range Humidity Shock Survival Vibration Endurance...

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