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LED Precision Apprc Indicator AH-HP-PAPI The LED Precision Approach Path Indicator (PAPI) is used to guide aircraft to approach the runway at an appropriate altitude. It is specially designed to accommodate the helicopter's steep angles of descent and deliberate speeds. There are two Colors which to show two wide horizontal beams in different colored light. And it is projected in fan shaped array into the incoming flight pattern. Solar power system is optional for PAPI. PAPI Visual Indication: APPLICATION Compliance • ICAO Annex 14 Volume I 6th Edition dated 2013 clauses, -, Figure A2-23 Appendix 1,2.1.1 * FAA AC 150/5390-2B Heliport Design Guide Features Electrical • LED as light source saving power consumption and maintenance, 95% less power than equivalent incandescent light • Power supply available in AC(110, 240VAC), DC48V or solar powered Physical • Unique designed polycarbonate lens for converging light and also provides corrosion resistance and UV protection. • UV protection Powder coated bright yellow color base make better visibility • Housing material is stainless steel which has strong corrosion resistance, Shock and Vibrations protection • Fragile coupling reduce the secondary damage to helicopters effectively • Clinometer • Solar power system Application • Permanent, Temporary, Emergency Helipad/Airport/Helideck • OFFSHORE/ ONSHORE USAGE ANHANG TECHNOLOGY Tel/Fax: +86-755-89589401 Email: sales@annhuna.com Website: www.annhuna.com © Anhang Technology 2016 | All rights reserved

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Drawing(mm) SPECIFICATIONS AH-HP-PAPI LED Precision Approach Path Indicator Sfh aracteristics Light Source Available Colors Azimuthr range(degree) Working mode Operation Mode LED Life Experience(hours) Electrical Characteristics Operating Voltage Power(W) Circuit Protection Physical Characteristics Body Material Leg material Mounting Dimension(mm) Weight(kg) Environmental Factors Ambient Temperature(°C) Humidity Wind Speed Waterproof Compliance ICAO LED Red/White 8° Steady burning 24hours operation >100,000 AC220V, DC24V, etc 70W*3 Integrated Stainless steel 304 Die casting aluminum &...

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