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SHARK.AERO, s.r.o. Letisko Senica - 906 31 Hlboké 406, SLOVAKIA LZSE 48°39’28” N 017°19’47” E High-performance composite tandem-seat low-wing UL/LSA/ELSA aircraft , designed to be ideal for fast cross-country flights and flying for fun An integration of exclusive performance with comfortable cockpit, excellent visibility, and uncompromising styling enables you to feel yourself like a true Shark in the Sky ADVANCED AERODYNAMIC CONCEPT To achieve a minimum aerodynamic drag the Shark uses a proprietary airfoil, optimized for fast cross-country flights, developed specially for SHARK. The smoothly streamlined, aerodynamically efficient fuselage and aerodynamic surfaces with the elliptical outer leading edges are created by professionals with a lot of experiences from well-known Czech aircraft manufacturers. CONTINUITY OF THE DESIGN Beginning of the Shark project was based on the successful collaboration between the Gryf Design and COMP-LET, it combines the producer’s long-time experience with composites and the design team’s know-how gained during a large number of designs - from ultralights and sailplanes to GA airplanes and commuters, flying in thousands worldwide. COMFORTABLE ROOMY COCKPIT Superb visibility, comfortable adjustable seats, adjustable pedals, side-sticks, EFIS instrumentation, big volume and easy access side doors for baggage compartment - everything is optimized for the crew comfort during long flights. It is really comfortable for subtle girls, as well for XXL pilots over 2 m tall. PRODUCTION AND QUALITY Structure is mostly carbon epoxy composite, combined with glass fabrics, carbon-aramid fabric, foam, honeycomb – to get the best weight/strength ratio, stiffness and safety. We use new materials – TEXTREME carbon fabric from OXEON, PR220 resin and pultruded carbon profiles from 5M, AEROGLASS glass fabric from HAVEL COMPOSITES. Aircraft is produced in COMP-LET facility, take advantage of 200 highly-qualified employees from the past, who had a lot of experience in composite structures’ mass production due to its 16-year-long career as a proven supplier of famous aircraft manufacturers like the Diamond Aircraft (DA-40, DA-42, SuperDimona, Katana), the Aerospool (Dynamic), the FlySynthesis (Texan, Wallaby), the Aeropro (Eurofox), the FKLeichtflugzeuge (Polaris) etc. Production of Shark will be based on a knowledge of this people

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Aircraft model : Wing span Wing area Empty weight Max. climb rate at the MTOW Fuel capacity Maximum load factor + MEASURED PERFORMANCE. Rotax 912 ULS 100 hp, Propeller Woodcomp SR3000 2W, DUC SWIRL 1680 MTOW: 472 kg, fuel: 100 l engine power setting Engine speed Perform ance manifold pressure fuel consump tion fuel consump tion fast cruise medium cruise economic cruise long range cruise Shark is in flight very stable, with easy handling in air on low and high speeds too, with natural response of controls. It have steep descend on big flaps, good feeling of dampening of undercarriage. DESIGN...

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