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Amenity kit - 2

Rethinking the Business Class amenity kit that showcases the local flare of the own custom carrier

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Amenity kit - 3


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Amenity kit - 4

KEY TRENDS LUXURY is still a marker of business class service and products

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Amenity kit - 5

EMIRATES • Kit Brand: Bulgari • Cosmetics: Bulgari eau de toilette + skincare • dental kit, tissue pack, (no info on socks, eye shade, ear plugs) • 8 designs. - 4 for men - Bulgari moisturiser and aftershave balm plus useful items such as deodorant, shaving foam and razor - 4 for women - hand mirror plus the Bulgari body lotion, hand cream, and the Eau de Toilette • The bags have been designed for multipurpose uses after the flight to store headphones, make up or jewe

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Amenity kit - 6

EVA AIR • Kit Brand: Salvatore Ferragamo • Cosmetics: Bianco di Carrara lotion, hand cream, lip balm • eyeglass cloth, 2-in-1 mirror/comb set, eye shade, earplugs and Colgate dental kit • Passengers can also ask flight attendants for mouthwash and a shaving set if requir

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Amenity kit - 7

HAINAN • Kit Brand: Samsonite • Cosmetics: Clarins body lotion, face moisturizer, fragrance, lip balm • Eye shade, earplugs, dental kit, floss, brush, socks, reusable multi-purpose cloth wipe.

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Amenity kit - 8

ANA • Kit Brand: Globe-Trotter • Cosmetics: SHIRO face mist and lip balm • eye shade, earplugs, dental kit

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Amenity kit - 9

ETIHAD • Kit Brand: Acqua Di Parma • Cosmetics: Acqua Di Parma cologne and hand cream. • On long-haul flights, the kit is available by request. It usually consists of a dental kit, socks, eye shade • Upon request: Comb, earplugs, and shaving ki

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Amenity kit - 10

QATAR 2021 • Kit Brand: BRIC • Cosmetics: Monte Vibiano lotion, facial mist, lip balm pot • Eye mask, ear plugs, dental kit, socks 2022 • Kit Brand: Diptyque • Cosmetics: Diptyque lotion, lip balm, face cream, fragrance • Eyes shade and socks made from recycled polyethylene terephthalate pla

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Amenity kit - 11

KEY TRENDS Airlines are going LOCAL

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Amenity kit - 12

BRITISH AIRWAYS • Kit Brand: The White Company • Cosmetics: The White Company pulse point essential oil roll-on, moisturizer, lip balm • eye shade, dental kit, earplugs, socks, pen

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Amenity kit - 13

JAL OUTBOUND Japan • Kit Brand: Maison Kitsune • Cosmetics: Maison Kitsune lip balm • Eye mask, ear plugs, dental kit, pocket tissue, moisture mask INBOUND JAPAN • Kit Brand: BEAMS - Japan born brand • Cosmetics: Omi Menturm lip balm • Dental kit, earplugs, eye shade, pocket tissue, moisture

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Amenity kit - 14

UNITED AIRWAYS POLARIS • Kit Brand: Inhouse • Cosmetics: Sunday Riley face cream, hand cream, lip balm, cleansing cloth (sustainable, crueltyfree, female-founded, and owned brand) • eye shade, earplugs, dental kit, tissue pack, socks, pen

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Amenity kit - 15

KEY TRENDS SUSTAINABILITY is now a key anchor in amenity kit design

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Amenity kit - 16

FINNAIR • Kit Brand: Marimekko • Cosmetics: L:a Bruket lip balm and facial cream (natural and organic skin care brand) • Eye shade, ear plugs, cornstarch bioplastic toothbrush • Reduced plastic usage and packaging. • If there are any items not needed in the amenity kit, hand them over to a cabin crew during the flight and they will be donated to women’s shel

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Amenity kit - 17

VIRGIN ATLANTIC • Kit Brand: Inhouse (Galileo Watermark) • Cosmetics Brand: Ren Skincare (natural and vegan) lip balm hand cream, face cream • Bamboo toothbrush, eye shade, pen, socks, earplugs • Kit is made out of recyclable kraft paper • The amenity kit bag itself has enough space inside for a passport, an iPad mini or pho

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Amenity kit - 18

ICELANDAIR • Kit Brand: Inhouse (WESSCO) • Cosmetics: Hannes Dottir (natural and cruelty-free brand from Iceland) lip balm, hand lotion, mineral mist • Eye shade, ear plugs, dental kit with cornstarch-based toothbrush, socks, stickers • Kits are made from a combination of recycled canvas, vegan leather, and felt made from recycled plastic bottles. • Most contents are wrapped in paper instead of plastic. - Local wildlife inspiration is present in a nice little de

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Amenity kit - 19

DELTA ONE • Kit Brand: Tumi • Cosmetics: Le Labo (vegan and cruelty-free) lotion and lip balm • Socks, eye shade, dental kit, mouthwash, pen, hand cleanser • No individual single use plasti

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Amenity kit - 20

DELTA ONE • Kit Brand: Someone Somewhere • Cosmetics: Grown Alchemist (natural, vegan, cruelty-free) lotion and lip balm • Someone Somewhere cotton eye shade, bamboo toothbrush, recycled pen • No individual single use plastic, including zippers and packagin

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Amenity kit - 21

AIR FRANCE • Kit Brand: Inhouse • Cosmetics: Clarins • Eye shade, earplugs, dental kit, socks, pen • 93% recycled materials - The toothbrush and pen are made of cornstarch, and ear plugs packaged in kraft paper, eliminating the use of plastic

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Amenity kit - 22

SINGAPORE AIRLINES • Kit Brand: Inhouse • Cosmetics: Penhaligon lotion, facial mist, lip balm, while stocks last, a 5ml roll-on perfume oil Luna • Amenity kit is only available upon request to ensure passenger really wants to bring home the kit. Other amenities are also available on request including socks, earplugs, slippers and eye sha

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Amenity kit - 23

QANTAS • Kit Brand: Inhouse • Cosmetics: Li-Tya lip balm, face cream, hand cream • Eye shade, socks, dental kit, earplugs • Our most sustainable kits yet - Removed the plastic toothbrush in favour of a bamboo brush - Packaged the skincare, dental kit and ear plugs in fully compostable, FSC certified paper - Used 40% recycled plastic for our skin care tubes - Used entirely recycled plastic for our washroom and lounge bottle

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Amenity kit - 24

LUFTHANSA • Kit Brand: Inhouse • Cosmetics: Korres moisturizing cream and lip balm. • Eye shade, ear plugs, dental kit, socks, and a single breath mint. • The kit comes in the form of a foldable shopper bag that is part of the sustainable Reisenthel connection

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Amenity kit - 26

"Saving time and cost for customers" is the sole purpose of our company 26

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