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M155 series - 1

ot moc.lootsgs-arecoyk.www tisiV ot moc.lootsgs-arecoyk.www tisiV ot moc.looLLgR-areNoyH.wwwEVNI ot moc.looLLgR-areNoyH.wwwEVNI ot moc.looLLgR-areNoyH.wwwEVNI ts I s D K c A kS ESR tisiV ts I s D K c A kS ESR tisiV ts I s D K c A kS ESR tisiV !erom nrael !erom nrael !erom nrael !erom nrael !erom nrael Visit www.kyocera-sgstool.com to learn more! The M155 series of wide diameter 2 flute drills is available in varying fractional and metric diameters that can satisfy a variety of machining applications tailored for small diameter drilling environments. INVERSE SHANK DRILL

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M155 series - 2

FEATURES & BENEFITS 109 items in portfolio Fractional diameters ranging from .1285" - .2610" Metric diameters ranging from 3,2 - 6,7mm All items on 1/8” common shank to suit global application demands 130 degree point angle Optimal end geometry ideal for targeted non-ferrous materials 4-faceted point geometry provides centering assistance upon entry Mirror surface finish is applied to allow for smooth chip flow All micro tools are manufactured in accordance with KSPT ISO 9001:2015 quality standards Wide diameters offer ability to drill larger than average holes than is commonly possible in...

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