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STP9200 - 1

An entry-level TETRA radio offering powerful audio and RF, extreme ruggedness and simplicity of use. Certified to IP67 with Connector ProtectorTM technology, the STP9200 truly is a ‘go-anywhere’ radio: waterproof, submersible, dust-proof and marine-hardened. Going further in critical communications

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STP9200 - 2

STP9200 is a rugged TETRA HAND-PORTABLE SMA ANTENNA CONNECTOR EMERGENCY OPERATION Easy to locate, protected from accidental operation, but simple to activate in a real emergency. Now with a Wake-on-Alarm feature allowing users to summon assistance even if the STP is switched off NAVI-KNOB™ OPERATION In combination with the mode key, provides quick and easy access to talkgroups, user profile selection and status messaging as well as simply adjusting the volume Delivers 1.8 watts of RF power in TMO, DMO and Repeater Modes. Increases range, thus extending network and direct mode coverage...

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STP9200 - 3

SUNLIGHT-VISIBLE DISPLAY Featuring an enhanced user interface, with a choice of three presentation styles. Dual illumination technology ensures clarity under all light conditions SEPURA PICTURE MESSAGE Allows the radio to securely receive images and any associated text, permitting simultaneous distribution to multiple user groups via SDS RUGGED ACCESSORY CONNECTOR Ensures a reliable connection with a wide range of audio accessories SMART MENU Customer-defined smart menus give intuitive access to hundreds of soft key features › obust, ‘tough technology’ R inherited from state-of-the-art...

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STP9200 - 4

STP9200 HAND-PORTABLE DIMENSIONS Height: 133mm Width: 61mm (54mm) Depth: 32mm (standard battery) Depth: 37.5mm (high capacity battery) WEIGHT With standard battery: 250g With high capacity battery: 275g FREQUENCY BANDS 344-400MHz - STP9235 380-430MHz - STP9238 407-473MHz - STP9240 806-870 MHz - STP9280 POWER SUPPLY 7.4V (nominal) lithium polymer battery packs Intelligent reporting batteries 1160mAh standard battery 1400mAh mid-capacity battery 1880mAh high capacity battery RF PERFORMANCE RF Power: MS power class 3L (1.8 Watts) RF Power customisable for : TMO/DMO/REP Adaptive power control...

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