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SRG 3900 SERIES - 1

POWER SUPPLY 10.8 to 15.6V DC, typical 13.8V DC RF PERFORMANCE 10 watt RF power output (Class 2) RF power adjustable in steps of 5dB, independently adjustable for TMO & DMO operations Adaptive power control supported Receiver static sensitivity -112dBm (-116dBm typical) Receiver dynamic sensitivity -103dBm (-107dBm typical) Receiver class A & B AUDIO Rated audio output - 8 W @1kHz into 4 Ohms Dual speaker configuration capable of driving two 4 Ohm speakers (to be wired in parallel by installer) Fixed level line-out audio option enabling broadcast & recording support 2x1W of additional audio drive via speaker mics or handsets attached to up to two SCC front-mounted accessory ports Line-in audio for third-party console interface support Five independent volume controls for sepura Going further in critical communications Sepura's policy is to continually improve its products and services. The features and facilities described in this document were correct at publication, but are subject to change without notice. SRG3900 SERIES MOBILE RADIO loudspeaker & audio accessories 2 4 Up to three audio accessories per console ENVIRONMENTAL Dust & water protection to IEC529 IP54 ETS 300 019 -2-5 drop, vibration & humidity Operational temperature (conformance tested) -20°C to +60°C Operational temperature (min./max.) -30°C to +70°C6 Storage temperature -40°C to +85°C5 IP67 radio marine enclosure option IP67 SCC console option IP67 HCU handlebar control unit option PRODUCT OPTIONS GPS/Glonass location tracking DMO repeater type 1A (licence enabled) DMO gateway (licence enabled) Air Interface encryption options3 End-to-end encryption options3 Wide range of languages supported including Cyrillic, Chinese, Korean & Arabic Coloured bezels Local & remote smart card support Virtual console support (licence enabled) Line in/out audio support (licence enabled) Extensive console support: SCC7, HBC7, Virtual Console, AIU. Specialist solutions include HCU handlebar control unit, air-approved & marine consoles, embedded car console. USERINTERFACE Normal, large & very large mode text4 Night mode 262k colours plus monochrome support Dual remote console support Call history Phone book (2000 entries) 9900 talkgroups in TMO/DMO 5000 multi-level talkgroup folders Intelligent search facility Up to 50 dynamic group number assignment (DGNA) with support for lifetime timers Efficient management of talkgroups using up to 5000 folders in a multilevel folder structure with up to 75 talkgroups per folder Talkgroup folder management via PEI & SDS Priority group scanning with support for background groups Fast talkgroup access supports up to five TMO and five DMO groups Query selected talkgroup Macro keys: a single key can perform a sequence of complex functions Quick groups Transmit inhibit with on/off status messaging Fixed & definable scan lists Missed call indicator Intuitively-enhanced user interface Choice of three user interface presentation styles Auto-capitalisation during SDS text entry Context key support7 User profiles Sepura Picture Message SmartMenus, allowing easy access to hundreds of pre-programmed features CONSOLE: SCC High resolution 320 x 240 pixels QVGA TFT display Large 57.6mm x 43.2mm active area Three accessories supported: one front-mounted & two rear-mounted audio accessories Front-mounted connector for data & configuration via Radio Manager AMPS, on-dash & single DIN mount options Fully compatible with existing accessories, cables & legacy mounting options Common enhanced Sepura user interface Context key support7 Missed event LED & soft key Tri-colour status LED 16 configurable soft keys Dual remote console support, each up to 30m from the transceiver IP54 certified; IP67 variant available9 CONSOLE: HBC (HANDSET-BASED CONSOLE) Large high resolution 320x240 pixels QVGA 2.2" TFT display Hands-free mic & PTT option Fist mic mode & handset installation modes Magnetic cradle, AMPS mountable Fully compatible with existing console cables Common enhanced Sepura user interface Context key support7 Missed event LED & soft key Dedicated emergency key Tri-colour status LED 16 configurable soft keys Dual remote console support, up to 30m from the transceiver IP55 certified 0004_0419_V5_ENG Copyright © 2019 Sepura Limited. All rights reserved. For more information visit

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SRG 3900 SERIES - 2

VOICE SERVICES Full-duplex calls (to MS & PABX/PSTN) Half-duplex calls (individual & group) Priority call Emergency call (pre-emptive priority) Intelligent alarm reporting Talking party identity Calling line identity presentation DTMF dialling MSISDN dialling Abbreviated dialling Dynamic group number assignment Background (hidden) groups Ambience listening Privacy mode Whisper mode Group focus DMO individual call DMO group call DMO emergency call DMO intelligent emergency call Independent volume control Gateway pairing DATA SERVICES Status messaging (in TMO & DMO) SDS messaging (in TMO &...

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