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SC21 Series - 1

Going further in critical communications

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SC21 Series - 2

Small and light enough to be lapel-worn, the SC21 is a next-generation, smart TETRA hand-held radio, and the latest addition to the SC2 series. With a wide range of functionality inherited from the ground-breaking SC20 hand-portable – yet 25% smaller – it offers all the benefits of a compact radio, with no compromise on performance. NO-COMPROMISE RF PERFORMANCE With a best-in-class TETRA engine, the SC21 allows you to keep communicating where other small handsets fail. Class 3 high-power RF transmission, coupled with exceptional receive sensitivity, gives the SC21 extended operational...

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SC21 Series - 3

NO-COMPROMISE USABILITY Many small hand-helds use smaller screens and keypads, limiting real-world usability. The SC21 has a 2.4” high resolution QVGA screen – the largest on any TETRA hand-portable – allowing for quick and easy viewing in all light conditions, including direct sunlight. Night mode reduces glare in low light, and the large screen area is ideal for data-rich apps usage. Well-spaced keys make data entry swift and accurate and the intuitive user interface is 100% compatible with the SC20/STP range, making it easy to pick up and use with minimal training. The shortcut and...

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SC21 Series - 4

CARE WORKERS “I work alone. Man-Down gives me peace of mind while I focus on the task in hand.” FRONT-LINE PUBLIC SAFETY “Size counts, but audio clarity is critical. The SC21 delivers both.” SENIOR PUBLIC SAFETY OFFICERS “At last! A handset that is small but still powerful.” COVERT OFFICERS “It’s so compact and easy to conceal, no one would know I’m on a covert operation.” SECURITY “The range of specialist accessories makes it ideal for discreet use.” TRANSPORT OPERATORS “The SC21 is lightweight, easy to use and unobtrusive. It’s perfe

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SC21 Series - 5

SC21 LOCATION-BASED SERVICES Via GPS and BeiDou2; RFID tag supports tracking of pool-issue radios EXTENDED OPERATIONAL RANGE Class 3 (2.7W) RF transmission power and exceptional receive sensitivity for unrivalled coverage UNIQUE WATER-PORTING Expels liquid, maintaining clear communication even in heavy downpours ENHANCED APPS CAPABILITY BEST-IN-CLASS AUDIO Directional speaker provides outstanding sound quality, even in the noisiest environments New Sepura SmartApps support integration with body-worn devices ACCESSORY RE-USE UNIQUE NOTIFICATION BAR Gives rapid access to favourite features,...

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SC21 Series - 6

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