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Height: 122.5mm (excluding antenna and rotary) Width: 60mm (54mm) Depth - standard battery: 27mm Depth - high-capacity battery: 31.5mm WEIGHT With standard battery: 194g (excluding antenna) With high-capacity battery: 220g (excluding antenna) TETRA FREQUENCY BANDS 7.4V (nominal) lithium polymer battery packs Intelligent reporting batteries 1160mAh standard battery1 1880mAh high-capacity battery1 TETRA RF PERFORMANCE- RF power 380-430MHz - SC2120 • MS power Class 3 (2.7W)1, Class 3L (1.8W), & Class 4 (1W)1 • MSPD power Class 3 (2.7W)1, Class 3L (1.8W) & Class 4 (1W)1 • DMO repeater power Class 3 (2.7W)1, Class 3L (1.8W), & Class 4 (1W)1 403-470MHz - SC2124 • MS power Class 3 (2.7W)1, Class 3L (1.8W), & Class 4 (1W)1 • MSPD power Class 3 (2.7W)1, Class 3L (1.8W) & Class 4 (1W)1 • DMO repeater power Class 3 (2.7W)1, Class 3L (1.8W), & Class 4 (1W)1 806-870MHz - SC2128 • MS power Class 3 (2.5W)1, Class 3L (1.8W), & Class 4 (1W)1 • MSPD power Class 3 (2.5W)1, Class 3L (1.8W) & Class 4 (1W)1 • DMO repeater power Class 3 (2.5W)1, Class 3L (1.8W), & Class 4 (1W)1 RF power customisable for: • TMO/DMO/DM-repeater • Adaptive power control • Receiver class A & B 380-430MHz - SC2120 • Receiver static sensitivity -116dBm • Receiver dynamic sensitivity -107dBm 403-470MHz - SC2124 • Receiver static sensitivity -116dBm • Receiver dynamic sensitivity -107dBm 806-870MHz - SC2128 • Receiver static sensitivity -114dBm • Receiver dynamic sensitivity -105dBm AUDIO PERFORMANCE Speaker audio power: 1W Rugged accessory connector (sRAC)2 Water-porting technology continually clears water from mic/earpiece & speaker to allow use in constant rain ENVIRONMENTAL PERFORMANCE Operational temperature (conformance tested) -20°C to +60°C Operational temperature (min./max.) -30°C to +65°C3 Storage temperature -40°C to +85°C4 Dust & water protection to IP65 and IP67: • IP6x (dustproof) • IPx7 (waterproof - submersible, 1m depth for 30 mins) • IPx5 (waterproof - heavy rain/spray/jets) • 'Fit for purpose'; tested for full 8-hour shift in heavy rain Shock, drop & vibration: ETS 300 019 5M3 Salt fog: MIL810E 509.4(l); duration 24hr salt5 RFID PERFORMANCE Internal tag: HITAG S2048, short range, 125 KHz, ISO11784 & ISO11785 compliant User accessible storage: 2048 bits, passive technology pre-programmed (user editable): • 32-bit unique identifier • Serial number • Hardware code • TEI PRODUCT OPTIONS GPS & BeiDou2 support Bluetooth Wi-Fi Man-Down alarm6 DM-Repeater Type-1A Air Interface encryption End-to-end encryption Enhanced security module (ESM) End-to-end encryption smart card support Wide range of languages supported User-changeable coloured keymat bezel for easy identification DISPLAY & USER INTERFACE Screen: • 37 x 49mm active LCD area • High-resolution display QVGA (320 x 240 pixels) • Sunlight-visible Transflective TFT display, 262K colours Menu: • Intuitively-enhanced user interface • 'Favourite feature' shortcut & event notification bar,with missed call indicator LED • Choice of three user interface presentation styles (compatibility, grid & list modes) • Customisable top-level screen content • Customisable SmartMenus supporting 100s of intuitively arranged soft keys • Quick change menu for rapid & intuitive selection of talkgroups, status & user profile • Custom zoom/normal, large & very large mode text • Night mode to reduce low-light glare in vehicles • Invert display for easy viewing whilst lapel- or belt-mounted • Customisable privacy screen image • Customisable user profiles e.g. 'covert', 'quiet', 'in a meeting'& 'loud' Controls: • Dual-language alpha-numeric keypad option • Four-way navigation keys • Three context keys for intuitive menu interaction • Three configurable feature-activation side keys: blind-find & glove-friendly • 12 configurable keypad feature activation keys • Manual & automatic keypad lock • Hard-capped keys • Large, easy reach, blind find, glove-friendly PTT • Blind-find emergency key • Single rotary Haptics: • Vibrate on call/message • Haptic technology for enhanced key tactility when used with gloves TALKGROUP MANAGEMENT • 9900 talkgroups including TMO & DMO • 50 DGNA • 5000 folders • Five multi-level structure • Quick groups/quick folder • Home group • Group toggle • Talkgroup stack toggle Talkgroup selection: • Single or user-defined scan list (UDSL) • 20 UDSL each with 10 talkgroups Folder selection: • 4987 folder scan list of 22 scanned talkgroups each • Each folder scan list with 75 talkgroups • 10 editable folder scan lists • Background talkgroups in folder scan list NETWORK Multiple home networks Up to 30 configurable networks Simple & mutual authentication Aliasing with Radio User Assignment (RUA) • Radio user-initiated log-on/log-off process • Dispatcher-initiated log-on/log-off process Preferred location area Fixed location area PHONEBOOK 2000 contact names Up to six numbers per contact (to a max. of 6000 stored numbers) 64 contact folders including favourite folder VOICE SERVICES Individual/group/broadcast call Half-duplex (individual & group) Route pre-emptive half-duplex call to internal loudspeaker Half-duplex audio toggle Full-duplex calls (to MS & PABX/PSTN) Full-duplex auto-answer Independent volume control Speed, one-touch & direct dialling Call priority Calling/talking party identification DTMF/MSISDN/abbreviated dialling Ambience listening Privacy & whisper modes Group focus Transmit inhibit with on/off status messaging Call history Multiple alert tones 0090_0419_V10_English Copyright © 2019 Sepura Limited. All Rights Reserved. For more information visit scpuraGoing further in critical communications Sepura's policy is to continually improve its products and services. The featu

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