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Sensor-Ink Mini Tag The Sensor-Ink Mini is the perfect benefit denial solution for protecting everything from heavy denims to delicate intimates. Small, lightweight and durable, the reusable non-EAS Sensor-Ink Mini meets the retailer demand for a high-integrity, cost-effective solution. It features a visible ink vial with a universal warning, providing a strong visual deterrent for would-be thieves. If defeat is attempted, the non-freezable, non-toxic, nonflammable aggressive ink permanently stains garments, denying the benefit of shoplifting. When paired with any SuperTag hard tag, the Sensor-Ink Mini provides both benefit denial and AM EAS protection. Solution Application General Merchandise, Apparel, Specialty Apparel Product Codes Product Compatibility Detachers SuperTag Detacher SuperTag Manual Handheld Detacher Ultra-Gator Detacher Ultra-Gator Manual Handheld Detacher Detacher Type SuperClamp, all SuperTags, MicroClamp and Ultra-Gator Retailer Values // Small design minimizes impact to displayed merchandise // Features permanent, non-toxic, nonflammable, non-freezable ink // Provides a visual deterrent against shoplifting // Stainless-steel tack will not snag or tear garments and will not rust © 2015 Tyco Retail Solutions. All rights reserved. TYCO RETAIL SOLUTIONS and SENSORMATIC are marks and/or registered marks. Unauthorized use is strictly prohibited.

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