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SECO PRODUCT SUMMARY SQUARE SHOULDER MILING REMOVE EVEN MORE METAL WITH EACH PASS Multiple rows of inserts to achieve larger depths of cut for slotting and side milling. SQUARE T4 Make easy work of the most diicult materials with the Square T4 line up, the industry’s most complete range of square shoulder tangential milling cutters. Made for roughing and semi-finishing operations, the Square T4-08 and -12 cutters bring smooth cutting action, good surface finish and minimal chatter to slotting and contouring applications. The Square T4-08 diameters range from 0.625”- 2.00” (16 mm - 40 mm) and the Square T4-12 diameters range from 1.00” - 6.00” (25 mm - 125 mm). Large diamenter cutter bodies The Square T4-08 and -12 helical milling cutters feature multiple rows of inserts, each with four cutting edges. The cutters allow for larger depths of cut and higher feedrate parameters. Ideal for roughing and semi-finishing of steels, cast irons and various diicult materials. The Square T4-08 helical diameters range from 1.00”- 2.00” (25 mm - 50 mm) and the Square T4-12 helical diameters range from 2.00” - 4.00” (50 mm - 100 mm). The cutters, in normal-pitch versions, perform slotting and contouring applications. Close-pitch versions do contouring only, with radial width-of-cut capability of 30% in full axial depth of cut. RANGE OVERVIEW • Coolant through • LOEX08 & LOEX12 insert size, M08, MD08 and M09, M12 and MD13 geometries • PVD grades MP2050, MS2050, MP3000, MK2050 and F40M • Available in normal and closepitch cutter versions • Cylindrical, weldon, combimaster, shell arbor and Seco-Capto™ Visit SECOTOOLS.COM for more info True 90° setting angle Cost-efectiveness High versatility & productivity Stability Increased metal remov

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PRODUCT SUMMARYSQUARE SHOULDER MILING MATERIAL GROUPS Steel P1-P11 Stainless Steel M1-M5 Cast Iron K1-K7 Superalloys S1-S3 Hardened Steels H5-H21 TANGENTIAL MOUNTING SYSTEM Get easy access to insert mounting screws and allow thicker use of inserts for higher speeds and feeds. This mounting design also directs the cutting forces to the thickest part of the inserts, providing highly robust milling performance and increased metal removal rates while also reducing vibration. INDUSTRY TARGETS • Aerospace • Mold & Die • Oil & Gas • Power Generation FEATURES ADVANTAGES BENEFITS Coated and...

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