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Headquartered in Fagersta, Sweden and present in more than 75 countries, Seco Tools is a leading global provider of metal cutting solutions for milling, stationary tools, holemaking and tooling systems. For more than 80 years, the company has provided the technologies, processes and support that manufacturers depend on for maximum productivity and profitability. For more information on how Seco’s innovative products and expert services bring success to manufacturers across all industry segments, please visit

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WELCOME TO SECO SOLID MILLING JABRO was founded in 1976 in Lottum, Netherlands. JABRO is Seco’s competence centre for solid milling solutions, and has the global responsibility for Research & Development, Manufacturing and Application Engineering. Seco JABRO´s products provide the world market with a wide range of standard tools and custom tool solutions, including reconditioning, mainly for General Engineering, Aerospace, Energy, Medical and Mould & Die customers. Advanced manufacturing technology and an environmental focus, ensures Seco’s sustainable development and production of products...

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Stainless steel and S-materials Steel and cast iron Hardened steels Hardened steels Minimaster® Plus Thechnical information Minimaster Plus For more information:

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Alphanumerical index – Tools

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Alphanumerical index – Exchangeable heads

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JABRO® Family overview Product family overview SOLID2 Jabro-Solid² is a range of solid carbide end mills for applications in general machining, offering flexibility, speed and cost efficiency. Jabro-Solid² is available in a diameter range of ∅1-∅32 mm and in inch ∅1/32 - 1 1/4. Jabro-Solid² also includes a group of dedicated advanced roughing tools (JS564 and JS565). The 564 and 565 offer excellent performance when applied in well defined tool paths with constant arc of contact with high cutting speed and high cutting depth applications (advanced roughing). For the complete range of JS500...

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JABRO® Family overview Product family overview MINI Seco’s range of micro solid carbide end mills consists of square end mills and ballnose cutters with small cutting diameters. Universal tools are applicable for common workpiece materials and specific tools are dedicated for graphite and hardened-steel applications. All tools have a thin layered coating for optimal performance in smallsized applications. Please see page 10 for a grouped overview of MINI (micro machining) products. DIAMOND Available in a variety of geometries and an extensive diameter range, these tools feature the best...

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JABRO® Family overview Product family overview CERAMIC To cut the world’s toughest heat-resistant superalloys (HRSAs) quickly, you need a tool just as strong and advanced as the materials themselves. Streamline your processes and cut your HRSA parts considerably faster with these high-performance ceramic solid end mills. Please see page 11 for a grouped overview of CERAMIC products. HSS-CO High speed steel cobalt is a premium grade that offers higher performance compared to traditional high speed steels. Due to increased hardness, these end mills last longer in today’s abrasive, heat...

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Product overview Product family overview Product family General machining High performance machining High feed machining Jabro - Mini Micro machining Jabro - HSM/Tornado High speed machining Jabro - Ceramic High performance machining Jabro - Diamond Graphite machining Jabro - Composites Composite machining General machining General machining GR For further explanation on SMG (Seco material group) please see page 626

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Product summary ● Preferred choice, ○ Alternative choice MINI DIAMOND

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Product summary Family name

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Product description Code key Product range Cutting diameter Tool shape Coolant channels/chip splitters SIRA Coating Product range J = JABRO® VHM JC = JABRO® Composites JD = JABRO® Diamond JH = JABRO® HSM/Tornado JHF = JABRO® HFM JHP = JABRO® HPM JM = JABRO® Mini JS = JABRO® SOLID² JPD = JABRO® PCD JCO = JABRO® HSS-Co JCG = JABRO® Ceramic BLANK = Standard (catalogue) product R = Reconditioned product (complete) RK = Reconditioned product (frontal) A single digit that gives an indication of the length of the cutter compared to other products with the same cutting geometry. This replaces the...

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Product description Corner radius Concave radius 4 character code specifying the coating on the cutter. High feed MEGA MT M64 M64T TRI SIRA HEMI DIA DURA NXT HXT STAX Size of radius for convex and concave radius tipped products 000 = For metric products the tip shape is shown by a three-digit figure. By dividing this figure by 100 you will get the actual corner radius size in millimetres. .000 = For imperial products the tip shape is shown by a dot, followed by a three-digit figure. This figure actually shows the size of the corner radius in inch (e.g. R.100 would indicate a radius of 0.100...

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JABRO® – Services How our solutions can benefit you The individual solution - Custom and modified tools If the requirements are very special, we have the right solution with our individual and customized tools - solutions that have been tailored specifically to your individual requirements. This will enable you to take your machining productivity to a whole new level. In addition to the standard solutions, our offer includes: Custom tools They are modified geometries or form shaped tools for customer specific demands as we can fully cooperate with the customer and design a specific tool...

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JABRO® – Machining methods Operation definitions Basic operations: Face milling: Slot milling: Operation where the tool is in engagement with less than 180° arc of contact. Tool engagement: Small ap and large ae. Operation where the full diameter is in engagement, ae is equal to DC and ap up to 2 times DC depending on the machining strategy in use. Side milling: Copy milling: Operation where the side of the tool is in engagement, ap is large and ae is small. Operation where the radius is in engagement. ap and ae are both small.

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