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SECO PRODUCT SUMMARY JETSTREAM THREAD TURNING SAY GOODBYE TO LONG TANGLED THREAD TURNING CHIPS THREAD TURNING HOLDERS & ADAPTERS Stop shutting down machines to clean out chips during thread turning operations. Now, easily prevent those hazardous tangles of curly chips that can stall production with new Seco Jetstream Tooling® high-pressure coolant technology applied to threading shank holders. Also, reap the beneits of Jetstream Tooling high-pressure coolant on Seco-Capto™ turning center turrets and HSK-T multi-tasking machine spindles with Seco’s new JETI adapters for those two common interfaces. JETI adapters High pressure coolant channel RANGE OVERVIEW HOLDERS • • • • • • • • 58 toolholders (16 external, 28 internal, 14 GL-heads) Adaptability for Insert pocket sizes 16, 22 and 27 turrets and multiMetric square shanks with duo-Jet coolant outlet tasking splindles Available JETI-interface up to 80 bar coolant inlets Internal bars with coolant connection from back Applies to Seco’s Steadyline® boring bars for thread turning by using Seco’s GL-Heads External Shanks (ER) .075”, 1.00” and 1.25” (20 mm and 25 mm) Internal Diameters (NR) .075”, 1.00”, 1.25” and 1.50” (20 mm, 25 mm, 32 mm, 40 mm, 50 mm and 63 mm) ADAPTERS • Face mount adapters for Seco-Capto™ C5, C6 and C8 turrets and multi-tasking spindles • Star mount adapters for Seco-Capto™ C5, C6, C8 and HSK-T 63 turrets and multi-tasking spindles • Accommodates square shank sizes 0.79” and 0.98” (20 mm and 25 mm) 150 bar maximum pressure for Seco-Capto™ adapters (with back-end coolant tube) • 100 bar/1,400 psi maximum pressure for HSK-T adapters (with back-end coolant tube) • 80 bar/1,100 psi maximum pressure wi

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Optimized heat removal Higher cutting speeds Longer and predictable tool life Reduced machine downtime Maximized productivity Superior thread surface quality JETSTREAM THREAD TURNING INDUSTRY TARGETS • • • • • SECO PRODUCT SUMMARY Aerospace General Machining Medical Oil & Gas Power Generation OPTIMIZED COOLANT PATH DIRECTED PRECISELY AT THE CUTTING EDGE EXPAND YOUR MACHINE’S HORIZONS Gain the ability to guide chips in a certain direction away from the cut. These thread turning holders deliver a concentrated high-pressure jet of coolant – up to 150 bar/2,175 psi with adapter and 210...

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