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SOLUTIONS & SUPPORT By choosing Seco, you get more than just a comprehensive portfolio of advanced metal-cutting solutions and expert services. You get a partnership based on trust, respect and communication and a team that is always ready to help you gain the competitive advantage. Globally headquartered in Fagersta, Sweden and present in more than 50 countries, Seco develops cutting tools, processes and services for high productivity and profitability. Our team of over 4,000 dedicated employees maintains partnerships around the world to identify and overcome the challenges faced by today’s...

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WELCOME TO SECO NEWS 2017.2 Gain increased productivity and profitability when Seco engineers, technical experts and sales teams work closely with you to determine the best processes and tooling solutions that fit your specific needs. They will show you how the latest Seco innovations, many of which are featured in this brochure, can give you the competitive advantage needed to succeed in today’s manufacturing world. Within this Seco News, you will discover several tooling advancements, including re-engineered drills with new anti-friction flute surfaces for fast and effective chip evacuation...

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DRILL MORE HOLES FASTER WITH BETTER CHIP MANAGEMENT SECO RE-ENGINEERS PERFOMAX® AND MAKES AN EXCELLENT DRILL EVEN BETTER Increase your drilling parameters and boost tool life with Seco’s new Perfomax indexable insert drill with optimized chip flutes for optimum chip control and evacuation. The flutes on the bodies of the new drills feature recently developed “anti-friction surfaces.” The special wave patterns of these surfaces minimize the contact between chips and the flutes for higher application security. Seco also laser hardens the fronts of the flutes to a high surface hardness of HRC 60,...

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The new insert grades have niobium nitride (NbN) top layers that do not chemically react with titanium. The prevention of that reaction – the most common wear factor with titanium – significantly extends tool life. The combination of both heat and wear resistance with the DS2050 and DS4050 coatings also makes the inserts a first choice for drilling HRSA S and difficult stainless steel materials as well as titanium and titanium alloys. RANGE OVERVIEW Perfomax drill bodies: • Diameter range 15 – 59 mm (metric) .594”- 2.375” (inch) • Length to diameter ratios of 2xD, 3xD, 4xD and 5xD •...

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UNSURPASSED, EXCEPTIONAL DRILLING PERFORMANCE NEW FEEDMAXTM -P DRILLS GO ABOVE AND BEYOND EXISTING TECHNOLOGY Boost holemaking performance in ISO P materials when you switch to Seco’s new solid carbide Feedmax -P drill and experience increased productivity up to 35 percent as well as longer tool life, all thanks to the combination of a new geometry and an advanced coating. Enhanced chip evacuation ensures application security, while also maintaining high productivity. Drill more holes in a shorter amount of time and use fewer drills to do so with Feedmax-P drills. The drills feature strong...

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With a new dark-colored TiAlN coating, the Feedmax -P allows you to use your machine tools to their full drilling potential. Thanks to the drill’s strong point geometry and its modern coating, cutting speeds of up to 190 m/min in SMG P5 are possible without sacrificing tool life. RANGE OVERVIEW • • • • • Diameter range 2 mm to 20 mm (metric) .078” - .787” (inch) Length to diameter ratios of 3xD, 5xD and 7xD Internal coolant supply standard MQL compatible shanks Intermediate sizes available at launch HOLEMAKING KEY BENEFITS • Increased drilling productivity through higher cutting speeds •...

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CONQUER HIGH STRENGTH, HEAT RESISTANT MATERIALS LAUNCH A WELL-BALANCED MILLING ATTACK WITH THE NEW MP2050 INSERT GRADE Effectively machine high strength, heat resistant materials with an optimized balance of toughness and wear resistance from Seco’s new MP2050 insert grade. Originally developed specifically for turbine blade machining in the power generation industry segment, the grade also excels in aerospace applications and makes easy work of milling materials such as austenitic and martensitic stainless steels, as well as titanium. Overcome unstable machining conditions such as those...

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RANGE OVERVIEW • • • • Round inserts in sizes 10, 12, 16 and 20 High feed inserts Square shoulder inserts for Turbo, Square 6 and Square T4 Face milling inserts for Double Octomill MILLING KEY BENEFITS • High process stability and predictability • Reduced tool costs through longer tool life • Improved reliability at high cutting speeds • Effective chip control ADDITIONAL DETAILS • For more information, see pages 70-79

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PUT SOME FORWARD THRUST IN YOUR MILLING PERFORMANCE MORE INSERTS DELIVER HIGHER FEED RATES WITH SECO’S NEW CERAMIC GRADE AND CUTTER BODIES Shorten cycle times and produce more parts by incorporating new ceramic grades and cutter bodies that put more inserts in the cut. You will gain immediate and significant cutting data increases over standard carbide milling tools when you incorporate Seco’s new CS300 ceramic inserts and RN/RP cutter bodies developed specifically for nickel-based superalloy materials such as those typically used in the aerospace and power generation industries.

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Designed to run only ceramic inserts, the new cutter bodies use Seco’s compact Wedge locks instead of conventional insert clamps. As a result, you get more inserts per cutter body diameter and higher feed rate capability. Plus, to ensure optimum chip evacuation and heat control, each Wedge lock features internal coolant channels that pinpoint jet streams of air precisely into the cutting zone. Get the toughness, strength and process stability necessary for aggressive milling of tough-to-machine superalloy materials when you pair Seco’s new CS300 ceramic milling inserts with the new...

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