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EXPECT MORE FROM YOUR TOOLING PARTNER PROCESS OPTIMIZATION IS THE KEY TO CONTINUED PRODUCTIVITY AND PROFITABILITY IN THE MANUFACTURING WORLD AND TOOLING PLAYS A PIVOTAL ROLE IN ACHIEVING IT That’s why every year Seco invests huge amounts of its engineering time and talent to continuously develop new solutions as well as to further enhance existing ones that will all but guarantee your manufacturing success. Among Seco’s exciting new tooling solutions are the Double Quattromill™ 22, a double-sided version of the company’s aggressive line of face milling tools, and the company’s newly...

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CONQUERING ISSUES THAT KEEP YOU UP AT NIGHT SECO CONSULTANCY SERVICES Seco Consultancy Services (SCS), a new organization with unique know-how, can help you find a better way. We are a global network of specialists in machining and metal cutting with both practical and theoretical experience and knowledge ready to help you. Everything from the machines that run the tools, to the inventory going in and out, the logistics of your process and finally backing it all up with a strong foundation of education for the wherewithal to get the job done. “WE’RE HELPING MANUFACTURERS REDUCE WASTE jjAND...

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MAKE FASTER, SMARTER DECISIONS WITH REAL-TIME DATA MACHINE MONITORING MAKE YOUR MACHINE DATA WORK FOR YOU WITH INDUSTRY 4.0 TECHNOLOGY Machine monitoring is an example of an IoT solution that might be recommended as a result of an MEE or perhaps as a cure to a known issue. With the improved manufacturing data visibility via real-time dashboards, monitoring enhances your team’s ability to improve efficiency, quickly identify production bottlenecks, and easily review key performance indicators such as downtime and Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE).

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CLOSE KNOWLEDGE GAPS ON YOUR TEAM WITH STEP SECO TECHNICAL EDUCATION PROGRAM RELEASE HIDDEN PRODUCTIVITY WITH THE SECO TECHNICAL EDUCATION PROGRAM (STEP) We believe in the power of education and STEP is a well developed and practical program designed to familiarize users with the latest tooling systems and techniques. STEP enables companies to combat the “technology gap” and achieve maximum machining productivity. Without an indepth understanding of new technologies in the market, many customers find the decision making process more and more difficult as the range of tooling available...

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FOR A CONSULTATION, EMAIL EDP@SECOTOOLS.COM OR CALL 800.896.2593 I SECOTOOLS.COM/CUSTOM CUSTOM PRODUCTS & ENGINEERED SOLUTIONS ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE Sometimes off-the-shelf isn’t enough. Whether you’re machining a challenging part that demands a new strategy, looking for one tool that can do the work of three, or searching for a better answer for a costly operation, Seco’s Engineered Solutions division can deliver a competitively priced, fully engineered tooling solution custom-built to your needs that will exceed your expectations. EXPLORE THE PROCESS The road to higher productivity and a...

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OPTIMIZE YOUR STEEL DRILLING FEEDMAX™ -P The new Seco Feedmax -P drill gives manufacturers the potential to signiicantly boost holemaking performance beyond that of current drilling technology for ISO P (steel) and cast iron workpiece materials. The solid carbide Feedmax™ -P drills can increase drilling productivity by up to 35% while also providing longer tool life due to the combination of the drill’s new geometry and advanced TiAlN coating. Together with the drill’s strong point geometry, cutting speeds of over 600 surface feet/min are possible in 4140 alloy steel without sacriicing tool...

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A DRILL BODY THAT STANDS THE TEST OF TIME PERFOMAX® The newly redesigned Seco Perfomax® indexable insert drill offers exceptional productivity and longer tool life. Featuring higher drilling parameters as well as exceptional chip control and evacuation, the drill’s flutes have improved helix angles along with smoother chip flute exits and our exclusive engineered wave pattern, which minimizes contact between chips and flute surfaces. Furthermore, Seco laser hardens the fronts of the flutes to 60 HRC allowing the drill to withstand chip erosion for much longer periods of time, yielding up to...

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TACKLE HIGH STRENGTH HEAT RESISTANT MATERIALS MP2050 The optimized balance of toughness and wear resistance from the new MP2050 insert grade, originally developed for turbine blade machining in the power generation industry segment, also excels in aerospace applications and can easily handle machining materials such as austenitic and martensitic stainless steels as well as titanium. Overcome unstable machining conditions such as those involving interrupted cuts, long tool overhangs and weak ixturing with MP2050 inserts. Also, eliminate cutting edge build up thanks to the MP2050’s completely...

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OVERCOME TOOL OVERHANG CHALLENGES TOOLING SYSTEMS Efectively machine diicult-to-access areas such as deep cavities or sections of large, complex monolithic workpieces where vibration often becomes an issue, using our patented Steadyline® damped tooling system. Inspired by technology used to protect skyscrapers from earthquake damage, Steadyline® vibration damping holders drastically improve the dynamic rigidity of milling, turning and boring assemblies. This allows for much higher cutting data, with quieter operation and optimum stability. Through a patented passive-dynamic damping system,...

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QUOTES & DELIVERIES AS FAST AS OUR GET QUICK TOOLS FOR SERIOUS METAL REMOVAL THE POWER, SPEED AND RELIABILITY OF SECO’S HELICAL CUTTERS BACKED BY OUR UNPARALLELED CUSTOMER AND TECHNICAL SUPPORT IS NOW ATTAINABLE WITH QUICKER TURN-AROUND With a fully streamlined system dedicated to providing turnkey helical cutter solutions, Seco has eliminated the quoting process for a wide range of custom helical cutters and sharply reduced the time needed for design and production. With instant quotes and delivery times measured in weeks, this means less time waiting on tools and more time processing...

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