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10 TONS load capacity Low platform height, easy access Save money, mobilize your tooling Differential, forward, backward, turning at the spot Custom made, integration of clients requirements Maintenance free All electric, driving and lifting technology AC or DC-version The TPP-transporter is the solution to mobilize your heavy and expensive machinery. Instead of purchasing machinery for each work station it is useful considering buying just one and mobilize that equipment. Dependending on the need, the tooling will be transported to the station where it is required in a fast, safe and easy way. The transporter consists of a sturdy frame with 2 drives and a lifting system: When the transporter is parked in a working station, all wheels are retracted. The frame rests directly on the ground for ► the 2 tractions consists of a improved stability when the complete motor-gear-wheel unit machinery is in production. ✔ direct brushless AC-drive technology ✔ accurate speed and power control by vector control ✔ slip-free traction technology The Seaqx TTP-transporter is a wheeled transporter and can carry machinery up to 10t. It is controlled by the operator with a radio remote control. Thanks to its differential driving, it can drive forward/backward, take curves and turn on the spot. The transporter can be delivered with an external cable supply, AC-version, or operate cablefree with batteries, DC-version. ► The lifting system is soly mechanical driven by 2 linear actuators ✔ pneumatic and hydraulic free ✔ capable to lift 20mm ✔ while driving, the actuators are shock-protected The TTP-transporter is entirely made-off high-quality components. The chosen technology has proven its reliability throughout the years and is maintenance free. This Seaqx-product is the ideal cost effective solution to move your equipment or tooling. It has an extremely low operational cost and worth considering to improve the utilisation rate of expen

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Advantages robust and reliable functionality      radio remote controlled safe speed profile to allow accurate speed control differential driving: drive forward, backward, take curves or turn at the spot all wheels are mounted on swivelling assemblies for excellent load distribution. This guarantees sufficient contact pressure between traction wheels and the ground removable side steps to fit transporter in a container powerful motor-gear combinations     high torque for rapid work cycles up to 10% higher energy efficiency than comparable DC-motors no maintenance through omission...

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