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Aviation Restraint Systems

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about SCHROTH general aviation executive aviation commercial aviation crew aviation plating & webbing

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about SCHROTH is a world leader in aviation restraint technology for fixed wing aircraft and helicopter applications, offering some of the most advanced and innovative restraint solutions available today. Nearly 70 years of experience have made SCHROTH a prime address for sophisticated and customized occupant protection systems in any kind of aircraft and performance race cars as well as for defence and other special applications. Since the beginnings SCHROTH has focused on providing “Safety through Technology”. Our team takes special pride in the goal to protect human lives in any means of...

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SCHROTH embarks on a comprehensive commercial aviation strategy with increased capabilities throughout the group of companies. Start of manufacturing in the United States (SCHROTH Safety Products Corp., Florida). Approximately 70% of all restraints for new, dynamically certified helicopter seats are made by SCHROTH. SCHROTH's engagement in motor sport focuses on Formula 1 and other race series such as Formula 3000. SCHROTH enters the aviation market (beginning of collaboration with Airbus). SCHROTH is the market leader for 3-point and 4-point harness restraints in the...

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Reliability testing is essential during the development of a new product as well as for in process quality controls. Additionally to the standard tester SCHROTH uses electro-magnetic linear sleds for tests which requires high accelerations or non-linear movements. Customized products often require customized and special stitch pattern. To react in a short time frame and to realize every thinkable stitch pattern SCHROTH's stitching machines are CNC programmable. Products of SCHROTH offer the full functionality and safety even under extreme climatic conditions. To guarantee this high standard...

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SCHROTH performs in-house static airbag inflation tests using state of the art test equipment such as high speed video cameras and internal airbag pressure measuring devices. Fotograf Stefan Dauth Beside intensive static and dynamic testing of restraint systems and its components SCHROTH uses state of the art CAD and CAE software to develop optimized products in respect to weight, costs and quality standards. SCHROTH utilizes most advanced test facilities for dynamic development as well as for certification tests available today

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general aviation SCHROTH offers a wide range of restraint systems for general aviation applications which are supplied as original equipment to many major aircraft manufacturers and which are available in numerous configurations. The SCHROTH general aviation range includes 3-point and 4-point restraints, static or automatic, with rotary buckle or push button buckle. All models are certified according to ETSO(JTSO)-C114/TSO-C114 standards and can be individually configured to match virtually any aircraft type. Due to the use of special lightweight aviation components these restraints offer the...

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Model 4-01 Model 4-03 SCHROTH 3-point and 4-point static restraint systems feature the proven and ergonomic SCHROTH RFRTM rotary actuator with lost motion functionality to prevent unintended release. The use of lightweight aviation components makes these restraints particularly advantageous for micro and ultralight aircraft applications. For aerobatic aircraft SCHROTH offers additional single or dual crotch straps (model 4-02). A wide range of end fittings, length adjusters and webbing colours can be selected to meet your individual requirements. Please ask us about your aircraft type or use...

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executive aviation Customize or refurbish the cabin interior of your business jet, executive aircraft or business helicopter with SCHROTH VIP restraints that match your individual style. With more than 160 available webbing colours, over 60 magnificent plating options to choose from and a variety of engravings only limited by your imagination, SCHROTH is the No.1 supplier of executive and VIP restraints for most major business jet manufacturers and for the leading business aircraft completion centres worldwide. SCHROTH offers any standard crew and passenger restraint systems with numerous...

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Model 1-08 (4-point) SCHROTH executive 4-point restraints for pilots, crew or passengers can be configured as static restraints or with inertia reels. For the lightweight aluminium RFR™ rotary buckle there is a huge choice of magnificent plating options. In addition, a wide range of end fittings, inertia reels and various length adjusters can be selected to meet any individual requirement. Further options such as belt stiffeners or automatic locking retractors on lap belts can be added upon request. Model 5-01 fixed shoulder belt, push button buckle Model 5-02 swivel, detachable or fixed...

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commercial aviation SCHROTH is a long-time supplier of passenger seat belts to numerous airlines and airframe manufacturers worldwide. We supply cabin attendant restraints for the entire Airbus fleet as well as 16g passenger lap belts to many of the world‘s leading commercial airlines. SCHROTH has been the first manufacturer to offer and certify a push button lap belt for commercial airline use, thus providing a highly innovative and extremely easy-to-use lap belt solution. SCHROTH passenger belts are available in more than 160 different webbing colours to match any aircraft interior design....

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Model 5-02 swivel, detachable or fixed shoulder belt, push button buckle Model 25 various latch options with integrated length adjusters, push button buckle In order to meet individual and exclusive requirements of first and business class passengers SCHROTH offers customized 3-point restraints that are as safe as convenient to use. A detachable shoulder belt allows passengers to be comfortably secured in any seated or recumbent position. SCHROTH 3-point restraints can be also applied to fulfil the HIC requirement for front row and passengers. Retractors and stiffeners (belt presenters) are...

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