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Thinking ahead. Acting today. Sustainability matters

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Rooted in our past. Defining our future. A history of sustainability. Since it was founded in Switzerland in 1874, Schindler has grown from a small manufacturer of machines into one of the global leaders in the elevators and escalators business – transporting one billion people to their destinations each day. Since the early 1990s, Schindler has been committed to continuously improving the environmental performance of its products and processes and to assuming its corporate responsibilities: 1990s – Schindler Miconic 10 Launch of the world’s very first hall call destination system,...

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Thinking ahead. Acting today. Dear stakeholder Mobility is an essential requirement in the world in which we live and work. Schindler is renowned as a global provider of smart, sustainable mobility solutions. Quality and safety are the hallmarks of our business: every day, one billion people across five continents place their trust in our products and services. At Schindler, we believe that mobility is about more than just reaching a destination: mobility begins in the mind. We are committed to continuously improving the environmental footprint of our products and processes as well as our...

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Shared values. Sustainable progress. Dear reader Schindler is a global, ever-growing corporation of over 50 000 employees that has been investing in innovation and continuous improvement for 140 years. We believe in long-term thinking and long-term strategies, and this is the approach we bring to sustainability too. We are committed to developing and applying sustainable technologies for clean urban mobility solutions, and to sustainable business practices and processes. In line with this commitment, we also continue to systematically reduce both our consumption of natural resources and the...

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Corporate Sustainability Policy. Schindler is committed to providing optimal mobility solutions, safe and effective, in response to continuing global urbanization in the coming decades. In an environment where rising energy needs, the scarcity of non-renewable resources and the need for CO2 reduction are driving energy optimization, we strive to continuously enhance the energy efficiency and environmental performance of our elevator and escalator mobility solutions. Our approach to sustainability is based on three pillars: 1. eople – they are at the heart of our business P – ustomers: to...

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Schindler | Sustainability matters |

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Social dimension People Ambitions Offer a safe, diverse and sustainable working environment Strive to be the employer of choice in our industry Create value for customers by supplying safe, reliable and energy-efficient products and services Further improve employee safety and health Introduce a new global people strategy Provide ongoing training and development opportunities across all areas and functions Customer Excellence program 5 days of technical training per year and per technician Strengthen Customer Excellence program Improve lost time injury frequency rate (LTIFR) by a further...

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Sustainability framework. Focusing on key areas. Environmental dimension Economic dimension Continuously improve energy efficiency of our products Expand leading position Lower CO2 emissions from our service fleet Reduce environmental impacts of our production site and supply chain management activities Deliver a distinctive offering of innovative products and superior services Provide secure long-term employment Generate long-term value for our shareholders Secure the commitment of all employees to observe the highest ethical standards in their work Reduce environmental impact of our...

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People Customer People Excellence development 8 | Schindler | Sustainability matters | People

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Schindler | Sustainability matters | People |

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Safety as a core value. Passenger safety. Did you know? We move one billion people each day. One billion passengers use Schindler products each day, which is equivalent to us moving the world’s population every seven days. We never compromise on safety: from the design and production phases through to on-site installation, servicing and inspections, our teams of skilled professionals focus on providing safe and reliable mobility, 24 hours a day. Schindler’s safety concept is based on five pillars: Product safety Components and product lines comply with Elevator Code Safe application...

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We assign particular importance to promoting risk awareness and a robust safety culture among our employees. In addition to our safety management system, Schindler launched a comprehensive behavior-based safety initiative more than seven years ago that targets all employees worldwide. This initiative, which is updated on an ongoing basis, currently consists of the following main components: Safety leadership training Safety leadership is vital to improve our safety culture. Mandatory workshops help managers to better understand their leadership style and to enhance their leadership...

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Daily challenges. Long-term perspectives. Our employees. Our People Strategy The success of our business is driven by the hard work and commitment of our employees. Our goal is to have a highly skilled and motivated workforce led by talented managers and to provide a stimulating and attractive working environment for current and prospective employees. The Schindler People Strategy sets out the critical areas that we must focus on if we are to continue to successfully grow our business worldwide. The People Strategy is based on Schindler’s core values as well as our seven ‘HR Ambitions’,...

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Employee engagement and leadership We strive to continuously strengthen the motivation and engagement of our people using two key tools: – The leadership framework, rolled out in 2014, defines the conduct that Schindler expects from its managers, since they have the greatest overall impact on employee engagement. The framework also forms the basis for all leadership assessment, selection and development activities. Leadership conduct is divided into three areas: planning the business, engaging people and delivering results. – Schindler periodically conducts employee engagement surveys. In...

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