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Schindler 6500 - Capabilities - 1

Schindler 6500 A smooth ride to high efficiency. The superior replacement elevator that serves your building better than ever. According to EN 81 20/50 New European standards Schindler Modernization Schindler

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Schindler 6500 - Capabilities - 2

Design or functionality? Choose both, and move up to a higher level of efficiency. The flexible way to create space Today’s best buildings succeed by moving with the times. The Schindler 6500 is the flexible, modern way to replace your old elevator and use the available space better than ever before. The car door adjusts to the landing entrance in 1 mm steps, minimizing inconvenience. Performance on the rise Featuring the latest motion and traffic management technology, the Schindler 6500 significantly outperforms older elevators, delivering a faster, quieter, more comfortable ride. up to...

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Schindler 6500 - Capabilities - 3

The flexible way to create space Want to optimise mobility in your building? The Schindler 6500 is the flexible, modern way to replace your existing elevator. It helps you get the most out of your building, improving the flow of people and goods by making the best use of the existing shaft space. New options to optimize your space MR and MRL layout The Schindler 6500 offers both machine-room (MR) and machine-room-less (MRL) solutions. By selecting MRL you may have the opportunity to create additional space by eliminating or reusing an existing machine room. The perfect fit for your building...

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Schindler 6500 - Capabilities - 4

Port technology Featuring the latest motion and traffic management technology, the Schindler 6500 is the hallmark in modern urban mobility. It significantly outperforms outdated elevators, offering everyone who uses your building a faster, quieter and more comfortable ride. Beside the conventional control systems, Schindler proposes the unique PORT technology, a revolutionary traffic management system that brings people to their destinations faster than any other elevator control by reducing the number of intermediate stops. Powerful technology for a smoother ride Performance The highly...

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Schindler 6500 - Capabilities - 5

Green mobility Elevator technology never stands still. By using power more efficiently than was previously possible, the Schindler 6500 consumes up to 50% less energy than comparable elevators built with outdated technology. That’s great news for your building operating costs, as well as the environment. Clean drive technology Thanks to the optional high-efficiency permanent magnet drive and optional recuperating frequency converter the Schindler 6500 uses almost 50% less energy than its predecessor. With the optional clean PowerFactor 1 technology, the drives are even able to produce...

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Schindler 6500 - Capabilities - 6

Create the look and feel you want. Combine colours, materials, lighting, mirrors, handrails and fixtures to achieve the ambiance that fits both your ideas and your building. Choose from one of our four interior design lines or create the car entirely according to your taste. Add personality to your elevator «Navona», «Times Square», «Park Avenue» and «Sunset Boulevard» – our four design lines offer a wide range of decoration options. Choose your design to match your architectural concept and ideas. Provide an unique ride experience with fresh colours, distinctive patterns and high-quality...

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Schindler 6500 - Capabilities - 7

Go beyond the expected. Get to the heart of design. Endow your cars with a signature ambiance Deliver uniqueness to your building by customising the car in line with your overall design concept. Start with one of the pre-selected options of the Schindler 6500 and create exactly the ambiance you desire. Add matching colours and lighting options or improve the feeling of security by implementing glass elements. There are almost no limits as you can add up to 50% of extra interior weight to the rated passenger load. Back painted glass By putting colour behind safety glass, you create a high...

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Schindler 6500 - Capabilities - 8

The perfect outfit with matching accessories. Operating panels and options. Outfit your elevator with style Our operating panels and options, such as handrails, mirrors and lighting, suit your chosen decor to give your elevator the perfect finish - down to the smallest detail. For a complete overview of all fixtures and options, see our separate decor lines brochure. Operating panels Make your elevator easy to operate for all passengers. Energy efficient operating panels all come in high quality materials and finishing. As an option, elegant full-glass fixtures provide the finishing touch...

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Schindler 6500 - Capabilities - 9

Create the ideal look for your project. Healthcare applications The Schindler 6500 is the perfect solution for healthcare facilities. Its excellent ride and levelling accuracy ensures a safe and comfortable ride for patients. With indirect lighting as standard and an interior that is easy to clean the Schindler 6500 meets the most important requirements of a healthcare facility. A priority control option is available and the Schindler 6500 is Schindler Direct ready. The monitoring and diagnostic service allows to track performance and pro-actively adjust the maintenance routine to secure...

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Schindler 6500 - Capabilities - 10

From the subway to the skyline Providing urban mobility Mobility is an essential requirement in the world in which we live and work. Schindler stands for urban mobility and is recognized as a hallmark of quality and safety. Daily, over one billion people worldwide place their trust in Schindler products and services. Trusted company Professional services Smart solutions Dependability since 1874. Schindler provides urban mobility with ele­ ators, escalators and services that are v engineered for efficiency and sustainability. Our products are built to last and our expertise is based on:...

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Schindler 6500 - Capabilities - 11

Built-to-last. Always up-to-date. Modernizing ensures safety, comfort and protects your investment in the long term. Schindler replaces whole systems or step-by-step, by replacing specific parts. Schindler can upgrade any installation to meet passenger needs and to comply with official regulations. Find more information on Schindler products: just scan the code with your mobile phone, using free QR code scanner software. This is pre-installed on your phone or easily downloadable for free. Schindler Your First Choice. This publication is for general informational purposes only and we reserve...

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