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Schindler 6200 – New Generation


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Schindler 6200 – New Generation - 1

Schindler 6200 – New Generation Small space? Think big. The adaptable replacement elevator for smaller shafts. According to EN 81 20/50 New European standards Schindler Modernization

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Schindler 6200 – New Generation - 2

Space constraints? Here’s the creative solution Evolved to adapt Small spaces call for creativity and versatility. The new generation Schindler 6200 elevator offers an intelligent, highly competitive solution for very small or narrow shafts. Maximum flexibility in minimal spaces The Schindler 6200 adapts to the constraints of small shafts to ensure the maximum possible space inside the elevator, given by finely adjustable car dimensions and door position, layout and drive variability. telescopic doors (T2), center-telescopic doors (C4), folding door (4 panels) Landing doors automatic or...

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Schindler 6200 – New Generation - 3

Small spaces call for creativity and versatility. The new generation Schindler 6200 elevator offers an intelligent, highly competitive solution for very small or narrow shafts. Combining comfort and safety with flexibility and energy efficiency, it will effortlessly meet the requirements of your building and the people who use it. Do you need the precision and personalization of a Using standard components and processes, it can be made-to-measure elevator? Or are you looking for the configured in endless different permutations, creating an reliability and cost-effectiveness of a...

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Schindler 6200 – New Generation - 4

Maximum flexibility in minimal spaces Driven by flexibility The new generation Schindler 6200 uses central top suspension and is designed to carry loads of between 180 kg and 630 kg at a nominal speed of 1 m/s. Two alternative drive systems are available to satisfy differing requirements. The existing machine room can be reused where available or, alternatively, the machine can be positioned in the shaft head. The new generation Schindler 6200 is designed to optimize the use of the available space in very small shafts, thanks to a series of adaptable elements. From the machine and the...

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Schindler 6200 – New Generation - 5

Green mobility The new generation Schindler 6200 is designed to be highly efficient in every aspect: from cost-effective production to optimization of shaft space and energy-efficient performance. So whatever your requirements, you can rest assured it’s a sound solution, both economically and ecologically. Eco-efficient and energy-saving Thanks to our Environmental Management System, the Schindler 6200 optimizes your operating costs. Enabled by a perfect interplay of components and a number of ecologically efficient and energy saving features, the new generation Schindler 6200 is a shining...

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Schindler 6200 – New Generation - 6

Delightful design Saint Tropez Create the look and feel you want. Combine colours, materials, lighting, mirrors, handrails and fixtures to achieve the ambiance that fits both your ideas and your building. Choose from one of our four interior design lines or create the car according to your own taste. Add personality to your elevator «Saint Tropez», «Laffitte», «San Marco» and «Park Lane» – our four design lines offer a wide range of decoration options. Choose your design to match your architectural concept and ideas. Provide an unique ride experience with fresh colours, distinctive patterns...

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Schindler 6200 – New Generation - 7

Outfit your elevator with style Our operating panels and options, such as handrails, mirrors and lighting, suit your chosen decor to give your elevator the perfect finish - down to the smallest detail. Mirrors Mirrors always add a special sense of space to rooms and buildings. In order to give your car more appeal and depth, one sidewall or the rear wall can be provided with a half or full-height safety glass mirror. Handrails Even though your elevator travels smoothly, handrails convey a feeling of security. Round or straight handrails match the interior and shapes of your car and can...

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Schindler 6200 – New Generation - 8

Flush mount For a modern, minimalistic look Style Straight Surface mount For classic designs Skirting Stainless steel Brushed Floor Artificial granite Black Car Door & Front 3 Finishings Rear Wall Brushed steel Doha Gold Wall Laminate Cadiz Blue Lighting Spot Handrails 3 Shapes 3 Finishings Handrail straight Stainless steel Brushed Car door & front Lausanne Linen Ceiling Stainless steel Lugano Matt Schindler 6200

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Schindler 6200 – New Generation - 9

Libertà – personalize your elevator Ceiling Stainless steel Lugano Matt Finish Operating Panels Stainless steel, push buttons Would you like to have different coloured walls or a combination of different styles? With the Libertà concept you can enjoy the possibility to create your own car. Choose the ceiling, add any colour from our décor lines and select your options. Walls Saint Tropez Glass, touch-sensitive Park Lane Floor Placement Rubber speckled Handrails Straight, straight with curved ends or curve & placement Artificial granite * available for predefined car widths only

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Schindler 6200 – New Generation - 10

From the subway to the skyline Providing urban mobility Mobility is an essential requirement in the world in which we live and work. Schindler stands for urban mobility and is recognized as a hallmark of quality and safety. Daily, over one billion people worldwide place their trust in Schindler products and services. Trusted company Professional services Smart solutions Dependability since 1874. Schindler provides urban mobility with ele­ ators, escalators and services that are v engineered for efficiency and sustainability. Our products are built to last and our expertise is based on:...

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Schindler 6200 – New Generation - 11

Built-to-last. Always up-to-date. Modernizing ensures safety, comfort and protects your investment in the long term. Schindler replaces whole systems or step-by-step, by replacing specific parts. Schindler can upgrade any installation to meet passenger needs and to comply with official regulations. Find more information on Schindler products: just scan the code with your mobile phone, using free QR code scanner software. This is pre-installed on your phone or easily downloadable for free. Schindler Your First Choice. This publication is for general informational purposes only and we reserve...

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