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Schindler 2600 - 1

Schindler 2600 The freight elevator that makes transportation of heavy loads effortless Schindler Freight and Special Elevators Schindler

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Schindler 2600 - 3

About and why Schindler 2600 is the ultimate heavy duty elevator 04-07 Interior design choices offering durability and style 09 Fixtures and features expanding functionality 10 Planning data showing how much fits in 12-13

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Schindler 2600 - 4

Travel height Max. 65 m, max. 21 floors Entrance One- or two-sided Drive Frequency controlled gearless machine Control Pick-up, down collective and collective/selective mode, groups of up to 4 elevators Equipment Flexible range of interiors

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Schindler 2600 - 5

Versatility Schindler 2600 adapts itself to fit your needs, from size to equipment features – whether in industrial buildings, warehouses, shopping centers or buildings for the healthcare industry. Longevity Robust technology, highly developed modules, quality materials and practical protection features make the elevator a durable, high-value asset.

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Schindler 2600 - 6

Usage category Schindler 2600 is designed with the building in mind. Whether it is important to offload deliveries promptly, move heavy goods, up to 4000 kg, with ease or simply transport shoppers up to the car park level, Schindler 2600 has a fit for all. Heavy loads are lightened You want to transport heavy cargo and goods? At a quick pace and over the long term? Then the Schindler 2600 is the ideal choice for you, as it is equipped with load-bearing capacity to meet a wide range of requirements. Car The car’s construction is highly flexible, so that it perfectly fits the intended site...

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Schindler 2600 - 7

Modular construction With the Schindler 2600, we rely on consistent system engineering and high standardization. For this reason, we have given this elevator a modular construction. It is based on pre-assembled components that reflect the latest technology, so that in the event of a breakdown repairs are highly efficient. Robust design With the Schindler 2600 you may select and combine materials and colors to fit your requirements. The choice of durable, yet versatile materials will contribute to a lasting operation in style. For heavyduty usage bumper rails can be added optionally. Drive...

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Schindler 2600 - 8

Walls: Stainless steel brushed Floor: Aluminum checker plate Bumper rails: PVC

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Schindler 2600 - 9

pot Paint Catania Yellow Paint Malmo Grey Paint Trondheim White Stainless steel Lucerne brushed Stainless steel Lausanne Linen Stainless steel Geneva Dama Paint Aberdeen Green Stainless steel Paint Lubeck Blue Checker plate primed ^Checker plate ^ Stainless steel Stainless steel Lucerne brushed Lausanne Linen Stainless steel Geneva Dama Black rubber Structured Black rubber Studded Note Specifications, options, colors are subject to change. All cars and options represented in this brochure are representative only. The samples shown may vary from the original iin color and...

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Schindler 2600 - 10

fi gs 100 Functional half height surface design in stainless steel. Integrated white glass display with large, easily readable red LED dot matrix. Clear push buttons with red call confirmation. fi gs 300 Full car height flush design. Modern and robust face plate in stainless steel brushed, mirror polished or linen. Push buttons with clear white illumination and red call confirmation. Car operating panels 1 FI GS 100 Car operating panel surface 197 x 1052 mm 2 FI GS 100 Car operating panel with integrated key switch 197 x 1052 mm 3 FI S 300 Car operating panel flush, full height 197 x 1942...

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Schindler 2600 - 11

Mirrors Mirrors always add a special sense of space to rooms and buildings. In order to give your car more appeal and depth, the side walls or the rear wall can be provided with a half-height safety-glass mirror. Features and options Bumper rails To protect your car wall from damage bumper rails can be mounted as an option. Available in stainless steel, PVC or wood. - Two bumper rails with handrail - Three bumper rails without handrail Handrails Even though your elevator travels smoothly and with almost no sound, handrails provide a feeling of security. Stainless steel handrails match the...

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Schindler 2600 - 12

*1 Higher travel heights up to 50 meters T2 Telescopic door, two-part HSG Shaft pit depth C2 Center-opening telescopic door HSK Clear over head (two-part) below lifting beam C4 Center-opening telescopic door (four-part) C6 Center-opening telescopic door (six-part) BT Door width Max. number of entrances: 2, opposing Number of rides: 180 per hour Power supply: 400 V, optional 230 V EU type examination in accordance with Lifts Directive (Directive 2014/33/EU), based on EN 81-20

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Schindler 2600 - 13

Height and plan view One-sided entrance One-sided entrance Telescopic door One-sided entrance Center-opening telescopic door (four-part) Two-sided entrance Telescopic door Two-sided entrance Center-opening telescopic door (four-part) Schindler 2600

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Schindler 2600 - 14

From the subway to the skyline. Providing urban mobility. Mobility is an essential requirement in the world in which we live and work. Schindler stands for urban mobility and is recognized as a hallmark of quality and safety. Daily, one billion people worldwide place their trust in Schindler products and services. Schindler provides urban mobility with elevators, escalators and services that are engineered for efficiency and sustainability. Schindler accompanies the development of buildings from planning and construction to daily operation, thus safeguarding their lifetime value. Ingenious...

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Schindler 2600 - 15

Efficient operation Continuous enhancement Smooth, hassle-free operation and very high availability are the result of professional maintenance and modernization. Environmental and operational efficiency add value to the investment. Reliability and sustainability – every day, all day. Schindler constantly develops new products and features to set standards and increase efficiency. Technological milestones that provide mobility to the urban society – conveniently, safely and ecologically. Progress needs innovation. The maintenance, repair and modernization portfolio: – Global network of...

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