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Quanta - 1

Direct Georeferencing Solution INS + GNSS y Because we want integrators to reach the optimal productivity, we have designed the QUANTA SERIES, small, low-power, and highly accurate inertial navigation systems which provides orientation and navigation data, in real-time and post-processing.

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Quanta - 2

QUANTA Quanta is a powerful and flexible INS+GNSS designed to be tightly integrated in mobile mapping solutions whether they are aerial or land. Quanta combines excellent orientation and navigation data in real-time with a powerful and easy-to-use post-processing software. The Right Combination for a Smooth Direct Georeferencing SMALL FORM FACTOR, LIGHTWEIGHT PRECISE AND ROBUST ROLL/PITCH SINGLE OR DUAL ANTENNA HEADING FLEXIBLE: use Quanta in both Best-in-Class Inertial Navigation Systems land and air applications Use the same INS/GNSS either your mobile mapping solution is land or air...

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Quanta - 3

Automatic Dual antenna Lever arm Calibration : Alignment between antennas and the INS is easy to enter. It can be re-estimated while moving for more precision. Quanta reduces the need of GCPs and overlapping thanks to precise orientation and position data. You can extend your survey mission. Quanta directly geotags your point cloud in real-time and with more accuracy in post-processsing. It allows precise synchronization with survey device thanks to Precise Time Protocol (PTP) server Single or Dual Antenna Odometer Aiding If a single antenna solution tends to be more practical, the dual...

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Quanta - 4

Specifications All parameters apply from -40° to 85°C temperature range, unless otherwise stated. Full specifications can be found in the Quanta Hardware Manual available upon request. PHYSICAL CHARACTERISTICS Aiding (input) GNSS, RTCM Quanta Extra NMEA, ASCII, Binary Output rate Logging Capacity Full Duplex (10/100 base-T) PTP Grand Master Clock NTRIP v1/v2 client Inputs: PPS, Event marker up to 1 kHz 5 inputs / 2 outputs MTBF (computed) Operating vibrations Outputs: SyncOut, Trigger, PPS RMS values for typical survey trajectories. Performance may be affected by atmospheric conditions,...

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