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Navsight Marine Solution Motion & Navigation Solution Navigation, Motion & Heave Extremely easy to set up, and highly versatile, the NAVSIGHT MARINE SOLUTION makes hydrographers’ surveying tasks easier on both shallow and deep waters.

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Navsight Marine Solution - 2

Navsight Marine Solution integrates the latest IMU and GNSS technologies to offer a modern, powerful, and easy-to-use motion and navigation solution for Hydrographers. EKINOX GRADE APOGEE GRADE HORIZON GRADE Highly VersatileFOG Technology Ideal for Shallow Water Applications Ideal for Challenging Shallow to Deep Water Applications Large vessels with low Dynamics and Harsh Conditions » 0.02° Roll/Pitch » 0.05 ° Heading » 5 cm Real-time Heave » 2.5 cm Delayed Heave » Up to 1 cm RTK Position Low Power Consumption Compact, Lightweight » 0.008° Roll/Pitch » 0.015 ° Heading » 5 cm Real-time Heave...

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Navsight Marine Solution - 3

Charting under bridges with the Apogee sensor. The vessel «Spreegrund», property of WSA Berlin, has been equipped by MBT, part of MacArtney group. Inertial Navigation Systems greatly improves navigation data in all conditions. Position information are fused in real-time with inertial data to provide a robust trajectory when GNSS outages occur (crossing a bridge, surveying a river near several mountains, etc.). In this example, the Apogee sensor is connected to an external GNSS receiver and a DVL for even better performance. Configuration Made Easy Main Drivers available for The interactive...

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Navsight Marine Solution - 4

A Full Solution for Hydrographic Applications INS/GNSS Post-processing Software Qinertia is the SBG Systems’ in-house post-processing software. This full-featured software enhances SBG inertial navigation systems performance by post processing inertial data with raw GNSS observables. The Fastest Processing Tight Coupling INS/GNSS fusion Modern & Intuitive User Interface + 7,000 Base Stations always up-to-date By processing all your INS and GNSS raw data forward and backward, Qinertia PPK software greatly increases accuracy, solves GNSS outages, installation errors, etc. Qinertia can save...

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Navsight Marine Solution - 5

All parameters apply to -20 to 60°C temperature range, unless otherwise stated. Full specifications can be found in the Navsight Hardware Manual available upon request.INERTIAL MEASUREMENT UNIT (IMU) Apogee-I Surface Apogee-I Subsea Enclosure Horizon-I Surface Rating IP68 200 m Depth IP68 200 m Depth IP68 OEM Versions available upon request EKINOX ACCURACY RTK1 PPK2 RTK Outage (30 s) PPK Outage (30 s) APOGEE ACCURACY RTK1 Roll, Pitch 0.008 ° Roll, Pitch VELOCITY AIDED POSITIONING DVL < 0.2 % Travelled distance HEAVE Ekinox Apogee / Horizon Wave period Remarks Real-time Heave 5 cm 5 cm up to...

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Navsight Marine Solution - 6

SBG Systems is a leading supplier of MEMS-based inertial motion sensing solutions. The company provides a wide range of inertial solutions from miniature to high accuracy. Combined with cutting-edge calibration techniques and advanced embedded algorithms, SBG Systems products are ideal solutions for industrial & research projects such as unmanned vehicle control, surveying applications, antenna tracking, and camera stabilization. PRODUCTS Apogee Marine Series Inertial Navigation System THE NEXT GENERATION INS/GNSS POST-PROCESSING SOFTWARE Ellipse Series Ekinox Series ULTIMATE ACCURACY MEMS...

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