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Ellipse Series - 1

Ellipse Series MINIATURE HIGH PERFORMANCE Inertial Sensors Navigation, Motion & Heave Sensing ELLIPSE SERIES sets up new standard for miniature and cost-effective inertial systems with an extremely rugged design, cutting-edge sensors, enhanced capabilities, and advanced algorithms. ITAR Free

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Ellipse Series - 2

with no extra charge SWaP of its category Get more out _ _ of your Ellipse with Qinertia New 64bit processor OEM version when size Post-processing for maximum performance and cost matters software (INS) Product Line Ellipse Series is a successful line of industrial-grade inertial sensors known for their high level of robustness. This 3rd generation embeds a 64Bit microprocessor running latest generation algorithms. All the INS/ GNSS are now provided with multi-band RTK receiver for centimetric position and more accurate orientation. Robust Heading within seconds Immune to magnetic...

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Ellipse Series - 3

Features Inherited from High End INS/GNSS Odometer inputs Internal or External GNSS receiver Pressure Sensor 3 Axis Gyroscopes 3 Axis Accelerometers 3 Axis Magnetometers Calibration data 1 kHz Coning & Sculling Extended Kalman Filter Temperature Sensors Best-in-class IMU » Industrial grade MEMS, superior vibration rejection » Extensive test and calibration from -40 to 85°C with individual calibration report » Integrated hard & soft magnetic Advanced Algorithms Easy Integration » Real-time fusion of inertial with » Select your motion profile to aiding sensors (GNSS, RTK, DMI, automatically...

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Ellipse Series - 4

All you need to quickly get started Development Kit The Development kit comes with your first Ellipse. It contains: » Your Ellipse sensor calibration report » A Quick start guide » All required accessories depending on the chosen model (USB cable, Antenna(s), Development boards) The SDK contains the sbgcenter which allows visualization, configuration, analysis, and export to Excel, Matlab, Google Earth formats as well as code examples for easy integration. Services As expert of inertial navigation, we are at your side, helping you to get the most of your sensor: » Free technical support by...

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Ellipse Series - 5

Preliminary ACCURACY (RMS) 360° sensing in all axes, no mounting limitation Model A Ef1) / N / D 0.2° Single antenna with dynamics 0.1° PPK(4) Velocity® - 0.03 m/s Navigation® - 1.2 m Single Point 1 m SBAS 1 cm RTK / PPK(3) + 1 ppm Heave accuracy 5 cm or 5% - Valid for Marine version Heave period Up to 15 s - Automatically adjusts to the wave period (1) With Supported GNSS receiver ,3> Under good GNSS availability ,2> Under homogenous magnetic field ,4> Optional PPK = Post-processing Kinematic All parameters apply to full specified temperature range, unless otherwise stated. Full...

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Ellipse Series - 6

SBG Systems is a leading supplier of inertial motion sensing solutions. The company provides a wide range of inertial solutions from miniature to high accuracy. Combined with cutting-edge calibration techniques and advanced embedded algorithms, SBG Systems products are ideal solutions for industrial & research projects such as unmanned vehicle control, antenna tracking, camera stabilization, and surveying applications. PRODUCT LINES Ekinox Series Ellipse 2 Micro Series INDUSTRIAL-GRADE Inertial Navigation System TACTICAL GRADE MEMS ITAR Free Inertial Systems ULTIMATE ACCURACY MEMS Inertial...

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