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Strip steel for edge applications

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Always looking for the optimum solution For many of our customers, edge applications are a major business. We have one interest in common: to manufacture quality products as efficiently and as economically as possible. We hope this brochure will be useful to you. Below are some of the considerations when choosing a steel grade: • application area of the product • chemical composition of the material • cold-rolled or hardened and tempered condition • demands on hardness, toughness, corrosion and wear resistance • requirements for size, surface finish and tolerances • after-treatment, e.g....

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The right steel grade for the right application Sandvik has concentrated on six of its stainless chromium steel grades to meet the needs of many different edge applications. Listed below are their main properties after heat treatment with examples of applications. More technical details about these various steel grades are available on separate data sheets. 6C27 PROPERTIES: a common grade with good corrosion resistance and low hardness, mainly used for applications where the need for wear resistance is low. APPLIC ATIONS: cold-rolled strip steel for utility knives such as slicers, potato...

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Properties which ensure long life are extremely important in steels for industrial knives. What happens in the process chain? When the desired properties have been met, the strip will be taken out of the process chain and is ready for delivery. There are two alternatives, cold-rolled and the hardened and tempered condition. Strip production starts in the form of Generally speaking both thickness and width tolerances are improved with further processing of the strip. The roughness of the surface will also improve. At the start, the surfaces of hot-rolled strip are rough. The subsequent...

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Thickness, mm/inch The size range of Sandvik strip steel for edge applications. Hardened and tempered condition Sandvik 6C27, 7C27Mo2, 13C26, 12C27 and 12C27Mod Slit edges are only possible for dimensions below 1.2 mm (.047”) Cold rolled condition 0.60/ .024 Sandvik Sandvik Sandvik Sandvik COLD ROLLED >40% REDUCTION SURFACE ROUGHNESS R a < 0.5 µm THICKNESS TOLERANCES +/- 0.002- 0.06 mm (+/- .00008 - .002") SURFACE ROUGHNESS R a 0.05 - 2 . 0 µm THICKNESS TOLERANCES +/- 0.002- 0.06mm (+/- .00008 - .002") In the cold rolled, bright surface condition, Strip can also be delivered in a hardened...

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The choice is yours! If you choose the raw material best suited for your application, you stand to gain product quality, manufacturing efficiency and economic yields. All Sandvik stainless chromium steel grades have been specifically developed to meet the demands of edge products for varying end uses – from industrial knives to household and utility knives, razor blades and medical instruments. Whatever your product, there is a Sandvik steel to suit. Cold rolled condition Heat treatment HEAT TREATMENT on separate steel data sheets.They also Blanking is the most common way to Hardening and...

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The figures show the importance of using the right hardening conditions to optimise the steel micro structure. Too high hardening temperature +■ coarse structure, high austenite content (30%), few carbides. Result: Low hardness and low wear resistance. Too low cooling rate after the austenitising +■ carbide precipitations in the grain boundaries. Result: Brittleness and reduced corrosion resistance. Optimised hardening conditions +■ optimal austenite content (15%), many uniformly distributed carbides. Result: Optimal combination of hardness, wear resistance, ductility and corrosion...

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S-333-ENG Sep 99. Production Sanmedia. Printed by Sandvikens Tr yckeri, Sweden. Photo: Jörgen Svendsen/Sanmedia, Lasse Halvarsson, Bengt Olof Olsson/Bildhuset

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