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PRIMARY PRODUC Sandvik stainless Sanmac improves your production economy Sanmac® is the result of extensive efforts to improve the machinability of stainless steel grades and the design of tooling concepts suitable for stainless steel machining. The result of this cooperation between Sandvik Materials Technology and Sandvik Coromant is improved production economy for you as our customer. Higher productivity The family of Sanmac stainless steels has now been further improved through extensive product development to increase productivity for customers in the machining industry. With Sanmac we have been able to reduce tool wear, and increase cutting speeds, giving productivity improvements and therefore significant cost reductions per produced article. The Sanmac program is continuously being extended with new steel grades and dimensions. Clever together By working together with Sandvik Materials Technology and Sandvik Coromant, improved service and delivery precision to your customers can help you grow your business. Our stocks and distribution network, together with the improved productivity of Sanmac 329, can help you to shorten lead times to your customers and to reduce your inventory. Alloy 329 was one of the earliest duplex stainless steels, developed for a wide variety of uses in construction industries. Now Sandvik has taken the alloy a significant step forward by improving its machining properties. This is achieved through the addition of sulphur and by optimized inclusion morphology. As every member of the Sanmac family, Sanmac 329 is optimized for controlled chip breaking as well as secure and efficient machining, allowing for increased cutting speed, longer tool life and minimal operator engagement. A perfect choice for pulp and paper Sanmac 329 is especially suited for the manufacture of components for pumps and other equipment used in e.g. the pulp and paper industry. It is delivered together with cutting data developed in cooperation with Sandvik Coromant. Sandvik is an integrated manufacturer, meaning we control the entire production process from melt to finished product. This means consistent material quality from batch to batch. Machine settings can thereby be repeated between runs, which further increases productivity. In alkaline environments, such as the pulp and paper industry, Sanmac 329 is a cost-effective choice. Compared to Sanmac 2205 it is less suitable for seawater applications and other acidic environments. Sanmac 329 highlights • Machinability-improved duplex stainless steel • Controlled chip breaking • Increased cutting speed • Longer tool life • Excellent choice for pulp and paper applications • Consistent quality Sanmac 329 vs Sanmac 2205 Sanmac 329 Sanmac 2205 Proof strength_450 MPa_450 MPa Tensile strength620-880 MPa 650-880 MPa PRE*>32>35 Impact strength, 20°C>85 J>100 J Modulus of elasticity200 GPa200 GPa Machinability (comparison) 130100 *PRE = Pitting Resistance Equivalent

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Chemical composition (nominal) % C Si Mn P S Cr Ni Mo N Standards Sanmac 329 _EN number 1.4460 Product standard EN 10088-3 RECOMMENDED INSERTS AND CUTTING DATA STARTING VALUES Turning Insert Grade Feed Cutting speed geometry (mm/rev) (m/min) Thread turning Insert Grade Cutting speed geometry (m/min) Thread tapping Cutting speed (m/min) 4-12 Cutting speeds in the upper range should be chosen for coated threading taps Parting-off Insert Grade Feed Cutting speed geometry (mm/rev) (m/min) m Standard 329 m Sanmac 329 By applying the...

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