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Sandvik precision strip steel

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Sandvik precision strip steel meets industry demands Sandvik has manufactured precision strip steel for more than a century. The knowledge and experience, which we have gained, are invested in active and ongoing product and process development for the benefit of a broad range of industries around the world. With full control of metallurgy and our own strip production, we manage the whole production process from steel melt to the finished product, using the most modern and proven technology. Today, Sandvik is a world-leading manufacturer of high quality stainless, carbon and high alloy...

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Sandvik - your productivity partner for precision strip steel With Sandvik as a partner you will be able to increase your productivity in several areas. Technical expertise Support and advice are always available from our technical specialists. If you have any questions about material selection, processing or our product program, please contact us through our sales units or via our website. Tailor-made products We have a wide range of material grades and sizes - many of which have been specially developed to meet particular demands and applications. Close cooperation with customers to meet...

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Valves for compressors and shock absorbers A compressor valve must function perfectly, day after day, year after year, under conditions of very high stress. This calls for steel of the very highest quality. A special operation in our metallurgical process enables us to achieve the high degree of purity required for valve steel. Strip is available in the hardened and tempered condition, both in stainless chromium steel and in unalloyed carbon steel. Sandvik grade Our strip steel for valves has a high degree of: • Bending and impact fatigue strength • Flatness • Surface quality • Wear...

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Spring applications A spring has to meet many challenging requirements. First of all, it must provide the required spring force. It also has to function reliably during a long service life, even if its working environment is corrosive or demanding in other ways. Furthermore, it is an advantage if the spring is easy to manufacture. Therefore, formability of the material is very important. Sandvik Materials Technology offers a wide range of strip steel in both stainless and carbon steel grades for the manufacture of coiled and formed springs. We specialize in the production of extremely thin...

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Medical applications Sandvik supplies advanced strip steel for medical applications. Our product offering includes a wide range of stainless steels to meet the tough requirements called for in the medical field. This is not our only strength. We also offer service benefits that give medical device manufacturers the competitive edge needed to satisfy their customers and build business. Other applications for thin precision strip Austenitic and duplex stainless steels The martensitic stainless chromium steel Sandvik Bioline 7C27Mo2 is a strip steel with very high corrosion resistance,...

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Industrial blade applications Sandvik’s leading metallurgy enables us to produce strip steel with optimum and consistent properties. The materials, which we produce for blades in the printing and food processing industries, have been tailored to achieve the highest precision and best possible performance. Cold rolling provides the basis Our modern cold rolling mills produce strip steel with close thickness tolerances and excellent straightness. A perfect shape is produced in the strip in order to achieve the desired straightness. The hardening process is the key In the hardening and...

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Surfaces Surface finish Sandvik strip steel can be delivered in several different surface finishes. To describe a surface appearance correctly, one has to indicate both its appearance and its roughness. Surface appearance In the table, surface appearance is defined in terms of brightness and color. Stainless steels are not usually color tempered and are, therefore, not delivered in codes 6 and 7. Surface roughness Surface roughness is measured with a special trailing-stylus instrument. The relevant terminology and measuring methods can be found in EN ISO 4287 and EN ISO 4288. Surface...

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Shape To ensure the dimensional accuracy of products, our cold rolling mills are equipped with automatic gauge control and roll gap symmetry systems. Any deviations in shape characteristics are measured to guarantee the dimensions of the products delivered. The important characteristics for strip products are typically thickness, flatness and straightness. Deviations from flatness could be in the form of waviness (like edge waves or internal buckles), coil set and cross bow. Standards for deviations in coil set and cross bow according to different tolerance classes are given in the tables....

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Sandvik Standard Chemical Tensile Distinguishing Alloyed non-stainless steels and carbon steels 15LM ASTM 1074 C 0.75 H 1350-1950 Leather slitting, knives, springs Valves for compressors and shock absorbers, blanked and formed parts, springs, doctor blades, tannery knives, butcher bandsaws Doctor blades *) Can also be supplied in the cold rolled condition Components in electric shavers, creping blades Compressor valves, components in electric shavers, print belts, meat saws, doctor blades, springs, surgical cutting tools Kitchen knives, scissors Martensitic stainless...

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Sandvik Standard Chemical Tensile Distinguishing Examples of Austenitic stainless steels Springs and other formed parts for e.g. diaphragms and electrical connectors C 1700-2050 Fatigue strength Springs and other formed parts (247-297) Relaxation resistance for e.g. hinges, thermostats and gaskets for electromagnetic shielding C 850-1600 Non-magnetic Springs and other formed parts (123-232) for non-magnetic applications C 600-1300 Formability Deep drawn parts Precipitation hardenable steels C 1200-1700 Tempering effect (174-247) Relaxation resistance at...

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