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Sandvik billets and blooms – the perfect choice

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Sandvik billets and blooms Let us be your reliable partner! We offer… ... technical expertise. Technical support and advice are always available from our product specialists. If you have any questions about material selection, processing or our product program, please contact us through our Sales Units or via our website We have a wide range of products, sizes and material grades – many of which have been specially developed to meet particular demands and applications. Close cooperation with customers to meet individual needs has always been part of the Sandvik...

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Sandvik billets and blooms – a strong link in the chain Sandvik offers you a wide range of stainless and specialty steel products. We have a great variety of steel grades in our programme. With high flexibility in raw material sourcing and our willingness to find solutions, we can produce tailor-made new grades to meet specific market, country and customer requirements. Sandvik Group The Sandvik Group is a global high technology enterprise with 38,000 employees in 130 countries. Sandvik’s operations are concentrated on its three core businesses of Sandvik Tooling, Sandvik Mining and...

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Sandvik billets - advantages • Wide range of stainless steel grades and specialty steels - Sandvik produces more than 600 grades. • Experience and know-how in special grades • Complete size range of billets in sizes 80-350 mm. Larger sizes are being offered on request • Close cooperation with customers • Full service and technical support • Global sales and marketing organization • Strong research and development organization • Quality system approval to ISO 9001 Sandvik produces blooms and billets in a range of stainless steels, duplex steels and high alloyed materials for customers to...

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Billets for tube and profile extrusion Extrusion billets are used to manufacture tube and profile with a high demand on material properties and surface standard. As a leading producer of extrusion billets, Sandvik has many years experience in this field, which has proven to be a prerequisite for uniformity and consistent high quality. We supply extrusion billets in a size range of 80–325 mm round in the peel turned condition with polished or belt-ground surfaces. An efficient production route involves continuous casting followed by rolling or forging in a single stage to the finished diameter....

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Sandvik billets and blooms – t h e p e r fe c t c ho i c e - 6

Sandvik grades for your applications Sandvik’s wide range of austenitic and duplex stainless steels and high alloy materials are used in equipment in many different industries such as: • Chemical and petrochemical • Oil & gas / Offshore • Nuclear • Food • Pulp & paper Sizes and tolerances Square billets We produce round-cornered square billets in the unground, spot ground or fully ground condition, as well as round billets in the peel turned or black condition – depending on steel grade and size. Special grades are normally supplied in the fully ground or peel turned condition. Size range,...

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EN No. Sandvik Type of steel Chemical composition Round Square/Rect Concast Extrusion grade AISI UNS C Cr Ni Mo Others billets billets blooms billets Austenitic stainless steels 1.4305 6RA11 High-alloyed austenitic steels and nickel alloys 1.4845 7RE10 310 S31008 0.05 24.5 Duplex steels (ferritic-austenitic) 1.4460 5RD58 329 Ferritic and martensitic steels Some grades require a minimum quantity of AOD heat (50-60 tonnes) or one HF heat (5-10 tonnes). Contact your Sandvik sales office regarding delivery quantities for grades in which you are...

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Sanmac materials are easy to machine Through collaboration with Sandvik Coromant, the world leading producer of cemented carbide inserts, we have gained experience of chip forming during machining of stainless steels, which is unrivalled in the steel industry. The outstanding properties of Sanmac grades have been discovered by many manufacturers of stainless steel components such as flanges, valves, rings, discs etc. Modified inclusion contents, accurate chemistry and controlled production are the secret behind these materials. The high level of machinability has been achieved without...

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Sandvik production routes for primary products Sandvik’s production plants are designed specially for the efficient manufacture of long product in stainless steel and high alloy materials, in round, square and rectangular sections. High frequency furnace 10 ton Ingot casting Continuous casting Blooming mill Forging press Billet mill Heat treatment Billet conditioning Quality inspection After melting in a 75 tonne electric arc furnace, steel is tapped into a ladle and transferred to the AOD (Argon Oxygen Decarburization) converter, where the principal metallurgical process is performed. The...

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U.S.A. SANDVIK MATERIALS TECHNOLOGY Co. Tube and Wire Divisions Scranton, PA Phone 570-585-7500, Tube 800-755-8832, Wire 800-359-9442, Spring 800-551-0298, Strip Division Benton Harbor, MI Phone 800-253-243, Vietnam SANDVIK SOUTH EAST ASIA Pte.Ltd. Ho Chi Minh City Phone 08-846 57 50, Fax 08-846 57 50 S-030-ENG. 03.2006. Printed in Sweden by Sandvikens Tryckeri AB. Foto: Mats Jonholt, Jorgen Svendsen, ©Alexander Crispin/Johner BildbyrA

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