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OmniSeals™103A - 1

Saint-Gobain Seals Aerospace Industry OmniSeal® is a registered trademark. ©2015 Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics, Seals ACS-AS103 application case studyrocket engine m ^ % AREA Main fuel valves PRODUCT LINE OmniSeal® 103A MATERIAL F luoroloy ® A20 PART FUNCTION Dynamic seal DETAILS Media: Liquid oxygen (LOX) Pressure: Few hundred psi Temperature: Cryogenic to 150oF (660C) Motion: Static, reciprocating, oscillatory BENEFITS AND > Moderate to high spring load for sealing at static, ADDED VALUE slow and moderate speed conditions > No material cracking at cryogenic temperature > Excellent seal surface finish for cryogenic sealing > Product cleanliness in oxygen service per IEST-STD-CCI246 > Seal installation tool kit makes for easier installation in the groove

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