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Meldin®1277 - 1

SAINT-GOBAIN SEALS Critical parts making THE difference MATERIAL DATA SHEET Features: Benefits: • Color: Black • Great dimensional stability • Recommended when structural integrity and • Good electrical insulative properties low deformation are required Test methods Typical Values Specific Gravity Water Absorption - RT, 24h Tensile Strength - RT / 204°C Elongation - RT Tensile Modulus - RT Compressive Strength - RT / 204°C Compressive modulus - RT Flexural strength - RT / 204°C Flexural modulus - RT Melting point Glass Transition Temperature Linear Coefficient of Thermal Expansion along flow, <Tg / >Tg Linear Coefficient of Thermal Expansion average, <Tg / > Tg Thermal conductivity Heat deflection temperature % MPa [psi] % GPa [psi x 105] MPa [psi] GPa [psi x 105] MPa [psi] GPa [psi x 105] °C [°F] °C [°F] Dielectric Strength (2.5 mm thick) Dielectric Constant - RT, 1kHz Volume resistivity - RT W/m°C [BTU in/hr ft2] °C [°F] kV/mm [V/mil] The table above represents typical values, intended for reference only. They should NOT be used as a basis for design specifications or quality control. Meldin® is a registered trademark. © 2017 Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics, Seals. SGPPL.BR.TDS.094 Saint-Gobain Seals

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