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Engineered for Demanding Applications CHEMFILM DF1100 is a multilayer cast PTFE film, fully fused with one surface modified to render it receptive to many conventional adhesives, elastomers, resins and potting compounds. The surface treatment was developed to assure that its application over pure PTFE would not degrade or discolor the basic film. After surface treatment, the PTFE film loses none of its excellent physical and electrical characteristics, expect that the surface treatment results in a natural color which does not affect any of the desired properties. CHEMFILM® DF1200 is DF1100 laminated to 2 mils of acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive. Material is also available in slit widths to 1”, supplied in pad rolls; minimum quantities apply. Septa Pharmaceutical compounds and analytical samples, such as for water testing, cannot be contaminated by its packaging. DF1100 is widely used in Septa applications due to the bonding ease with other plastics and rubbers when specially treated, as well as the fundamental chemical inertness of pure PTFE. With its multilayer construction, reducing the risk of pinholes, DF1100 acts as an excellent barrier film in various Septa applications. Multi-layer Cast Film (top) reduces risk of contamination when compared to skived film (bottom) Cast Film can be used as a barrier film Advantages • Isotropic shrinkage • Uniform tensile properties in machine and traverse direction • Multilayer reducing the risk of pinholes or contamination • The unique bonding layer will adhere to a variety of adhesives and elastomers while the other surface maintain all the properties of PTFE • Superior performance in a wide range of chemical, thermal, and electrical environments Availability • Can be slit or provided as at 20” or 38” rolls • Various colors and customizations

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Typical Properties ‘Represent typical performance properties and should not be used for specification purposes Contact your Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics representative for more information. SAINT-GOBAIN Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics — Europe Bay 3 Transpennine Industrial Estate Gorrels Way, Rochdate, OL11 2PX United Kingdom Tel: +44 (0) 1706 746900 Fax: +44 (0) 1706 746991 email: aff.uk@saint-gobain.com Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics — Asia 7 Floor Bund Center 222 Yan’an Road East Shanghai 200002, China Tel: (86) 21-63617753/63618016 email: industrialfilms.asia@saint-gobain.com...

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