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CHEMFILM® ECTFE Fluoropolymer Film CHEMFILM® ECTFE fluoropolymer film is manufactured from ethylene-chlorotrifluroethylene resin by Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics. This material offers the outstanding performance of fluoropolymer film over a temperature range from cryogenic -200°C (-328°F) to 165°C (330°F). ECTFE film provides the highest abrasion resistance of any fluoropolymer film available. This film has superior chemical resistance and very high tensile strength and flexural modulus. ECTFE film offers low surface energy, making it an excellent choice for release applications. The low specific gravity of ECTFE yields more square feet per LB than other fluoropolymers for excellent light weight performance. The combination of heat stability, electric characteristics, and barrier properties provides insulator performance especially suited for the electrical and electronics industry. ECTFE film offers the highest dielectric strength of all fluoropolymer films. ECTFE film has outstanding resistance to weathering and high energy radiation. This material is suitable for electrical tapes, cable insulation, printed circuits, capacitors, chlorine cells, flat cable constructions, and solar collectors. ECTFE film offers a UL V-0 rating for flammability. This provides performance suitable for aircraft cabin interiors and fuel cell membranes. Features/Benefits • Outstanding release properties • Performance from -200°C (-328°F) to 165°C (330°F) • High dielectric strength • Excellent chemical, radiation, weather and abrasion resistance • Non-flammable • Thermoformable • Product thicknesses from 0.0005” (0.013 mm) to 0.010” (0.254 mm) • Width up to 60” (1524 mm) • Highest mechanical strength of melt fluoropolymers

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Typical Properties 'Represent typical performance properties and should not be used for specification purposes Contact your Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics representative for more information. SAINT-GOBAIN Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics — Europe Bay 3 Transpennine Industrial Estate Gorrels Way, Rochdate, OL11 2PX United Kingdom Tel: +44 (0) 1706 746900 Fax: +44 (0) 1706 746991 email: Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics — Asia 7 Floor Bund Center 222 Yan’an Road East Shanghai 200002, China Tel: (86) 21-63617753/63618016 email:

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