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AIRBUS A350 XWB CARBON BRAKE Safran Landing Systems is the world’s leading supplier of carbon brakes, supporting over 50% of the global market for mainline commercial jets. HIGHER AVAILABILITY, FASTER TURNAROUND TIMES, LONGER ENDURANCE: 2,000 LPO Safran Landing Systems’ new carbon brakes for the A350 XWB feature higher performance (better energy absorption) and faster cooldown for shorter turnaround times (TAT) and increased fleet availability FEWER PARTS FOR GREATER RELIABILITY, REDUCED WEIGHT AND MAINTENANCE The A350 XWB brake is a single-cavity brake. For an airplane in the same weight class, this brake contains only five pistons (instead of six) and four rotors (instead of the usual five). This brake is lighter than its competitor, but still retains maximum thermal capacity. TODAY’S ECO-FRIENDLY HYDRAULIC BRAKE Safran Landing Systems is fully committed to the production of environmentally-responsible wheels and brakes, including: > The system itself, which is 100% cadmium-free, chrome-free, beryllium-free (silicon bronze brake bushings) and asbestos-free (stainless steel or titanium insulation). > The production process is solvent-free (water-based paint topcoat, low-VO C/volatile organic compound primer), and does not use any chlorofluorocarbons or halons, including by suppliers. SEPCARB®III OR, THE BEST SELLING CARBON BRAKE Safran Landing Systems’ Sepcarb® III OR (oxidation resistant), brake features the Anoxy® 66 anti-oxidation coating for better protection against deicing products. The main landing gear comprises eight 23 inch wheels and eight brakes, while the nose landing gear is fitted with two 16 inch wheels. Follow us on: © @SafranLandingS ra Safran Landing Systems

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