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The Makila family powers the 11-ton class twins like the Eurocopter’s EC 225 and EC 725. The Makila engines incorporate the latest achievements in engine control system architecture and state-of-the-art technologies. Generating power and performance > The Makila experience • High performance in hostile environments. • Front air intake prevents installation losses. • New FADEC-controlled bleed valve optimizes specific fuel consumption (SFC) and surge margins. • New shielded Power Turbine for a Safe-by-Design over-speed protection. • Drawing benefits of the latest technological evolutions, the Makila 2A1 offers 14% more power as compared to the Makila 1A2 (ISA, Sea level). > Missions • Off-shore, utility, defence, EMS, VVIP. > Simple modular design • 4 replaceable modules for easy maintenance. • Boroscope and magnetic indicator inspections without removal of modules and accessories. • Good accessibility and easy removal, few specific tools for modular maintenance. The Makila family > Entered in service in 1980. > Experience: 10,000,000 operating hours. > More than 2,300 engines delivered. > Low direct maintenance costs • The Makila 2A1 engine TBO is at 3,500 hours. • Long component life. > Dual channel FADEC • Dual channel FADEC with over-speed protection improves overall safety and dec

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MAKILA 1 & 2 - 2

> Helicopters: > Power rating (ISA, sea level, kW/shp): Annular combustion chamber • 3 axial and 1 centrifugal stage. Turbomeca is dedicated to the design, production, sale and support of gas turbines for helicopters. Turbomeca offers the world's most comprehensive range of engines, along with strong industrial cooperation associated to close-by customer services structures. Dedicated to 2,350 customers in 155 countries, Turbomeca provides a proximity service thanks to its 16 sites, 26 Maintenance Centers, 24 Repair & Overhaul Centers and 90 Field representatives and Field technicians....

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