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HELICOPTER ENGINES LIGHT POWER RANGE ARRIEL 2D The modern workhorse n°1 on its markets THE MARKET LEADER OF ITS POWER RANGE — n°1 on Utility n°1 on Taxi / Charter / Tourism n°1 on Corporate / Private n°1 on Police / Parapublic ROBUSTNESS FOR MAXIMUM AVAILABILITY — EXTENDED CAPABILITIES IN DEMANDING CONDITIONS More power reserve for extended capability in hot & high conditions Best transients of its category for more agility during demanding missions 30 minutes take-off power rating for occasional use PILOT SERENITY Dual-channel FADEC for mission focused pilot The only helicopter engine of this power range to have a 5,000 hrs TBO Backed with our 35 years experience in helicopter FADEC FADEC control laws are in-house designed to make the most of our engine transients and to enhance pilot experience Life limits 3 times bigger

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ARRIEL 2D PIONNEER IN HELICOPTER FADEC SYSTEMS SINGLE-STAGE GAS GENERATOR TURBINE Latest generation single crystal blades LIGHT POWER RANGE SINGLE-STAGE POWER TURBINE TITANIUM CENTRIFUGAL COMPRESSOR Robustness Lightness 22,000 cycle limit POWER OUTPUT SHAFT 6,000 RPM DUAL-CHANNEL FADEC Automatic power check Surge and flame out protection Piloting and maintenance aid LARGE OPERATING ENVELOPE From - 45°C to +50°C (-49°F TO 122 °F) Altitude up to 9,000m (29,500ft) LIGHT POWER RANGE HIGHLIGHTS FLIGHT HOURS HIGH ALTITUDE LANDING WORLD RECORD Safran is an international high-technology group,...

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