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Arriel 1D1+


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Arriel 1D1+ - 1

Higher]^ reliability 2 Yearwarranty with no intermediate inspection

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Arriel 1D1+ - 2

Compressor stage 2 stage gas generator turbine Power rating (ISA, sea level, kW/shp): Power output shaft • 6,000 rpm Maintaining close contact with Arriel 1 operators worldwide Annular combustion chamber • Centrifugal injection • Turbomeca-approved Repair & Overhaul centers • 24/7 Turbomeca hotline Description Exclusive services Safety is key to your business. In order to reach futher and carry more, you need the most cost-efficient, reliable and versatile power solution. Arriel 1D1 was designed to deliver the performance that really matters to you. Your local contact Safety first Turbomeca...

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