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ARDIDEN 1H1 FOR THE DHRUV “POLARIS” - LCH Latest member of the Turbomeca engine family, the Ardiden is a compact design built around a gas generator with two centrifugal compressor stages, coupled to a single-stage high-pressure turbine. For helicopters in the 5 to 6.5 ton class. Generating Power and Performance > The Ardiden experience • High temperature margins, and constant power all the way to overhaul. • Full performance in hot and high conditions. • 16% growth potential. > Applications • 1H1 variant with Hindustan Aeronautic Limited (HAL) for Dhruv. > Simple modular design • 3 modules. • High reliability and maintainability. > Low direct maintenance costs • Initial TBO is 3,000 hours, with no interim visit, including hot parts. • Easy access for boroscope inspections of gas path allowing full inspection of all turbine stages and combustion chamber. The Ardiden family > Launched in 2002. > First variant, Ardiden 1H1/Shakti (with HAL) > Dual channel FADEC • Improves overall safety, reduces pilot work load. • Indicates operational parameters. • Drives engine life safely to its TBO limit. • Signals maintenance actions on automatic engine overrun display. • Gas generator and power turb

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Dhruv powered by two Ardiden 1H1/Shakti FADEC • More than 20 years of experience Low emission reverse flow combustion chamber High efficiency 2-stage centrifugal compressor Accessory gearbox • Modular design Power output shaft • 6,000 rpm High performance Single-stage HP turbine Modular field-replaceable 2 stage power turbine Maintaining close contact with Ardiden operators worldwide • Turbomeca-approved Repair & Overhaul centers. • 24/7 Turbomeca hotline. > Power rating (ISA, sea level, kW/shp): Ardiden > One Engine Inoperative (OEI) OEI 30 sec. OEI 2 minutes OEI continuous This document...

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