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ANETO-1K - 1

HELICOPTER ENGINES H I G H POWER RANGE ANETO-1K Pushing the limits higher "NEW Power Pack® solution available on the AW189" POWER PACK® SOLUTION OUTSTANDING CAPABILITIES Power Pack® solutions are innovative and customized offers developed for the latest-generation platforms Higher and hotter: HOGE @MTOW up to 6,000 ft and operations between -50°C and + 50°C +25% power reserves Enhanced PC1 capability Proven harsh-situation solution Power Pack® One for the AW189: 2 Aneto-1K + 1 e-APU60, One Safran comprehensive support offer EUROPEAN ENGINE ANETO FAMILY Designed, developed and manufactured in France EASA / FAA certified PUSHING THE LIMITS HIGHER Safran is the first engine manufacturer to launch an extended engine family with inner power growth From 2,500 t

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ANETO-1K - 2

THE BEST COMBINATION OF GROUND-BREAKING AND PROVEN TECHNOLOGIES REVERSE-FLOW COMBUSTION CHAMBER ■ Fast start ROBUST & SIMPLE DESIGN Inlet Particle Separator ■ Protect the engine from sand ingestion POWER OUTPUT SHAFT ■ 20,900 rpm ■ Capable of fast acceleration from flight idle to maximum power in less than 3s HIGH POWER RANGE HIGHLIGHTS SINCE 1938 100 MILLION FLIGHT HOURS YOUR LOCAL CONTACT GAS GENERATOR TURBINE Single crystal blades ■ Outstanding high-temperature performance Enhanced life margins and power growth DUAL-CHANNEL FADEC Flight comfort & low pilot workload Advanced...

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