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BA-20/BA-22 - 1

AIR FORCE EMERGENCY PARACHUTES BA-20, BA-22 • The BA-22 Emergency Back Assembly is a high speed emergency parachute system. This back style parachute is configured for use in fixed wing aircraft, such as: C-141, C-130, KC-135, B-52, C-5, F-S, T-37, T-38, A-37 and F-100. • At altitudes below 14,000 feet, the crewman will pull the manual ripcord when clear of the aircraft. For landing, the crewman can steer the parachute so that they are facing into the wind, to reduce the potential for injury. After landing, one or both of the parachute release fittings may be activated to prevent dragging during windy conditions. • Quarter Bag deployed round 28 foot diameter. The C-9 canopy is composed of 28 gores. The canopy material is ripstop nylon, Mil-C-7020 and the suspension line material is Mil-C-5040 Type III. • The BA-22 harness uses ejector snap closures on both chest and leg straps. The system is highly adjustable to accommodate a wide range of personnel weights and sizes. • The Pioneer produced BA-22 Emergency Back Assembly is currently used by the United States Air Force and Air Forces world wide. • The C-9 canopy has a rear 4-line release system, which allows the airman to steer the parachute by means of control lines attached to the risers. This permits directional control for safe landing. • The US Air Force Emergency Parachute assemblies have provisions for an automatic parachute release and oxygen. ZODIAC AEROSPACE Safety Systems Division - Parachute & Protection 45 South Satellite Road, South Windsor, CT 06074 Tel: 860.528.0092 • Fax: 860.528.8122 •

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BA-20/BA-22 - 2

ZODIAC PARACHUTE & PROTECTION AMERICA ZODIAC RE Safety Systems Division - Parachute & Protection

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BA-20/BA-22 - 3


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BA-20/BA-22 - 4

The ARZ 357 emergency back parachute developed by AERAZUR is designed for preserving pilots and crew members during their missions. Fitted with a manual ripcord handle or a chronobarometric release ripcord, this parachute will open safely when required and provide proper deceleration. The ARZ 357 is an extraflat parachute which can be very easily adapted to any type of aircraft. Suitable for all missions, it provides the user with perfectly accurate adjustment fittings. The parachute pack fitted with four closing flaps, the conventional U-type harness with saddle and the multipurpose handle...

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BA-20/BA-22 - 5

Safety Systems Division - Parachute & Protection 61, rue Pierre Curie - CS 20001 - 78373 Plaisir Cedex - France Tel: +33 1 61 34 23 23 ZODIAC AEROSPACE

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BA-20/BA-22 - 6

ARZ EL 32 quick-lowering bag, ARZ EL 33 case for rifles and ARZ EL 34 case for machine guns and anti-tank rocket launchers have been designed to allow warriors to: secure and lower their combat pack and weapons quicly during flights, jump from all heights and particularly low spots owing to the full lowering dispatch (1 to 1.5 seconds). This equipment aims at optimizing paratroopers’ safety: during parachute opening by holding pack and weapons close to their body, when landing thanks to the lowering of the load providing them with perfect freedom of movement for rolling and collapsing the...

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BA-20/BA-22 - 7

ZODIAC PARACHUTE & PROTECTION SOUTH AFRICA Safety Systems Division - Parachute & Protection 29 Duiker Road - Canelands 1339 - SOUTH AFRICA T6I : +27 784 799 545 - ZODIAC AEROSPACE

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BA-20/BA-22 - 8

a. 4 Point Spreader b. 2 Point Spreader c. Packing Elastics d Rope Lanyard e. Cutaway Handle f. Rifle Bag (2 X Piece) g. Lower 3 Ring Cutaway h Rapide Links i B12 / 3 Ring Connector Webbing j. Webbing Base k. Carribener WEIGHT RESTRICTION: 50 kg (110 lbs) a. Secure Points b. Y Straps c. Suspension Rope d. Jettison e. Snap Hooks x 2 f Vertical Secure Strap x 2 g. Horizontal Secure Strap x 2 h Secure Pin i. Secure Plate j Stow Pocket k. PWC Handle I Wrapping Sheet m. Rifle Bag (2 X Piece) n. Carribener ZODIAC PARACHUTE & PROTECTION SOUTH AFRICA ZODIAC R! Safety Systems Division - Parachute...

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