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SACO Airport Equipment Air cargo and SACO continue to soar to great heights The International Air Transport Association (IATA) predicts that the global demand for air transport will only continue to rise. Good news for SACO Airport Equipment, specialised in the development, manufacture and supply of systems for the handling and storage of air cargo. For Hans van Schaik, Sales Manager SACO Airport Equipment, these promising IATA figures do not quite come out of the blue. Since 2013, he has witnessed an exponential growth in the demand for handling systems, especially in the express parcel segment for clients such as DHL and TNT/FedEx. Van Schaik: “This development has brought us substantial projects for the DHL hubs in Leipzig, Germany and Brussels, Belgium and for the TNT Euro hub in Liège, Belgium. Dozens of smaller stations have also been equipped with our systems.” Our systems? Van Schaik further explains that these include handling and storage elements, such as roller decks, castor decks, transfer vehicles (TVs) , elevating transfer vehicles (ETVs) and slave pallet systems, including control and IT systems. He adds that SACO, (with seventy professional employees), combines the Dutch entrepreneurial spirit with a pragmatic approach. “This results in a motivated and flexible partner who is actively involved with its clients.” Frontrunner Returning to the IATA figures, which revealed that the air cargo segment is experiencing its strongest growth in the past year and a half. In Europe, the demand was up five percent and in North America, four percent, followed by Asia (with 3.5%). The Middle East is the frontrunner, with an increase of eight percent. And this increased demand continues to rise. IATA reports that global air cargo transport will expand up through 2018 with an estimated average increase of 4.1%. This too, does not surprise Van Schaik: he sees that many traditional handling companies have finally found the courage to invest in capital goods. And when companies are willing to invest, it means they are confident in the future. An explanation for the increasing demand for air cargo transport , is, according to Van Schaik, the internet trade. “The growth in the express parcel segment is driven by e-commerce in combination with the required speed which the traditional chains are unable to offer. In the Middle East, airlines such as Emirates, Etihad, Qatar and Turkish invest enormously in the expansion of their fleets and home bases. This creates enormous capacities, which is even more interesting because of the strategic location of their hubs between East and West." Earned SACO may profit from the boom in air cargo transport, but it rightfully deserves this top position, too. “Of course," the Sales Manager says, “the total cost of ownership continues to be the deciding factor. But what clients also look for is knowledge, experience and quality.” One plus one is three. Or in other words, there is a very bright future ahead for SACO? “Very positive, with aplethora of challenges and opportunities. Such as? We have refurbished and expanded the head office in Mierlo and opened a second production branch in Deurne." Saco Airport Equipment Industrieweg 2, 5731 HR Mierlo P.O. Box 47, 5730 AA Mierlo The Netherlands T +31 (0) 492 430 059 F +31 (0) 492 432 713 E I

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