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Newsletter 10 - 1

AIRPORT EQUIPMENT Cargo Handling Systems With this edition of our Newsletter we would like to update you on our activities and events around the globe. Please feel free to contact us should you require any further information or support. RUSSIA’S FIRST STATE-OF-THE-ART AUTOMATED ETV SYSTEM SUPPLIED BY SACO TO VLADIVOSTOK (VVO) SACO BAGS FIRST ORDER FOR DHAKA, BANGLADESH (DAC) Following a period of detailed consultancy with the client, SACO was awarded the contract for supply and installation of a ULD handling and storage system for the new air cargo terminal at Vladivostok International Airport (Knevichi). SACO signed a contract for the supply of an air cargo handling system to MGH Group, a logistics company based in Dhaka. This very first order from Bangladesh was delivered and commissioned August 2012 and includes a lowering workstation, castor decks and elevating truck dock, all suitable for handling 10ft main deck ULD’s (pallets and containers). Also included are two sets of roller equipment to convert locally available standard flatbed vehicles into air cargo vehicles with rise & sink roller tracks. With the SACO system the client will be able to consolidate and pack goods (mainly textiles) onto IATA standard air cargo pallets in their own warehouse and then transfer these built-up pallets by truck directly to the airport for export. Because these air cargo pallets are very large (approx. 2.5 x 3.1 metres) and heavy (max. 6,800 kg), it will become quite an exciting new venture for the supply chain infrastructure in Bangladesh. With export volumes predicted to substantially increase in the near future, the handling system can easily be expanded to keep up with this demand. The system was commissioned in April 2013 and now enables the airport to efficiently handle ULD’s for import, export and domestic flights. The new terminal is designed the handle mainly palletised cargo by means of a state-of-the-art automated ETV system and is thus going to set a new benchmark for cargo handling efficiency in the region. Owing to the harsh weather conditions in the region, the terminal will provide shelter to cargo during all stages of the handling process and is prepared to comply with the latest safety and security regulations. SACO supply included an ETV of a unique design dedicated for restricted ceiling heights. The ETV serves a storage system fitted with friction powered storage decks, four airside interfaces and four build/break workstations with integrated weighing systems. Two SACO Pallet Masters (new generation Ride-On type) and twenty slave pallets complement the system to give additional peak handling and storage capacity. SOLVING YOUR CARGO HANDLING CHALLENGES www.saco.a

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Newsletter 10 - 2

SACO SUPPLIES ULD EQUIPMENT TO KWE’S NEW FACILITY AT LONDON HEATHROW (LHR) OTHER RECENT ULD HANDLING PROJECTS SUPPLIED BY SACO INCLUDE: When Kintetsu World Express moved to a new warehouse near London’s Heathrow Airport in January 2013, SACO supplied and installed a 20ft truck dock and a slave pallet system. The SACO Pallet Master, new generation Pedestrian type and eight slave pallets enable flexible handling and storage of ULD’s in the off-airport warehouse. The Pallet Master includes a unique integrated weighing system for weighing ULD’s whilst still on the slave pallet. • Greenland:...

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