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Your key partner in added logistic value With this summer 2006 edition of our newsletter, we at SACO would like to give you an update of our air cargo handling activities as well as of the events where we shall be present. PALLET MASTER SACO’s flexible cargo handling system SACO’s scope of supply is not just limited to the physical cargo handling equipment, but our turn-key project approach also enables the supply of cost effective integrated hardware / software solutions for the control and management of air cargo handling and storage systems. We fully realise that Air Cargo forms the high end of the logistics chain. High value and time sensitive goods require seamless and fast operations in the air cargo handling centres. Enhanced customer service, high throughput rates, high reliability and low operating costs are key elements of the modern Air Cargo handling process. Our safe and cost effective system for flexible handling of air cargo on slave pallets. By using the purpose designed Pallet Master, slave pallets can be docked with fixed conveyor systems at standard 508 mm / 20 inch dolly height for transfer of ULD’s loaded up to 6800 kg. 10ft ULD’s can be built or broken at any place in the warehouse so that you are no longer limited to the use of fixed work stations. By using multiple slave pallets, a temporary conveyor system can be set up in virtually any configuration. When not in use, the slave pallets can simply be stacked away to save valuable warehouse floor space. Various basic versions of the Pallet Master are available: • “pedestrian” for walking operator • “ride-on” for riding operator with seat and power steering • “mobile truck dock” with scissor lift and powered transfer deck The modular system designed in close co-operation with ORTEC, one of the largest independent providers of advanced planning and optimization software. The system offers automatic acceptance, storage and retrieval of ULD’s, with: • Optimized process control of ETV and roller tracks (Material Flow Control, MFC) • Full interfacing to workstations, airside interfaces (dolly docks), and landside interfaces (truck docks) with operator dialogues. • Dimension and weight control • Internal planning generation, optimized work load control • Acceptance procedure for inbound cargo • Preparation and delivery of outbound cargo • Real-time interface with Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) and Airport Information Systems (AIS) • ULD report status to WMS (entry/storage/retrieval, etc) • Multilingual user interface, remote service support With this co-operation, cost effective integrated hardware / software solutions are offered for the control and managem

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GOES GLOBAL In pursuit of the world’s ever changing economy and emerging markets, SACO is setting up local representative offices around the globe to be close to our customers and be of service in the best possible way. As such, SACO can soon be contacted in your own neighbourhood, in your own language, and in your own time zone for sales and/or service support, at the following locations: • Netherlands - Mierlo Head Office • Netherlands - Amsterdam Schiphol Airport • Germany - Frankfurt Airport • United Kingdom - London and Manchester Airports • France - Paris CDG Airport • Australia -...

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