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FLY ROTAX. FLY HIGH. Use our expertise to future-proof your business Flight schools are doorways to an exhilarating hobby or an exciting career. The responsibility for budding pilots and trainers, the focus on excellence in training, and an uncompromising safety-first policy leave no margin for error. These are core values we share. With We Fly High, we’ve created a program exclusively for flight schools that train on aircraft with Rotax engines. As program members, Rotax-powered flight schools benefit from value-added incentives and from our commitment to building power plants that take...

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FLY EFFICIENT. Total cost of ownership. From ECU to EMS, from transient engine behavior to engine diagnostics, iS technology enables a range of features that add and enhance capabilities while reducing complexity. These features streamline running costs and cut downtime. Redundant injectors. Our engine control unit controls fuel injec ion for each cylinder through t two individual sets of injectors. This approach optimizes the air-fuel ratio calibration at all operating conditions and altitudes, boosting fuel efficiency and flight distances. Fast engine diagnostics. The BRP Utility and...

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FLY SMART. Intelligent engine control unit. Electronically controlling the air-fuel mixture, the Engine Control Unit is implemented redundantly into the Engine Management System (EMS) to ensure a higher level of safety. Digital engine health monitor. The BRP Utility and Diagnostic Software, B.U.D.S. for short, serves as a digital health monitor for your Rotax aircraft engine. Enhanced system interaction. The CAN aerospace-based databus facilitates the interactions of avionic systems. CAN lays the groundwork for various digital solutions like interfaces to flight displays, digital data...

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ROTAX POWERED FLIGHT SCHOOL We’ ve got your solutions. Drawing on our experience with flight schools, the We Fly Rotax program offers discounts, services, and product tailored to the needs of flight school operators. Joining as a Rotaxpowered flight school adds value to your business, staff, and students: FLEET MANAGEMENT ROTAX CARE GLOBAL SUPPORT Your Authorized Rotax Distributor can complement your maintenance, asset performance, documentation and spare part needs to help keep downtime low and your fleet in top condition. Your engine registration plus comes with a dedicated contact. As a...

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BRP-Rotax GmbH & Co KG reserves the right at any time to discontinue or change specifications, prices, designs, features, models or equipment without incurring obligation. Engine performance may vary depending on, among other things, general conditions, ambient temperature and altitude. These technical data and the information contained therein are property of BRPRotax GmbH & Co KG and must not be reproduced, neither entirely nor partially, and passed on to third parties without previous consent in writing by BRP-Rotax GmbH & Co KG. For information only – without commitment to subsequent...

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