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Rosen Aviation Personal Displays Technical Manual, Personal Displays © 2011–2014 by Rosen Aviation, LLC All Rights Reserved The information contained herein is proprietary to Rosen Aviation, LLC. No part of this publication may be reproduced, transmitted, transcribed, stored in a retrieval system, or translated into any language in any form by any means without the written authorization from Rosen Aviation, LLC, except as allowed under copyright laws. Disclaimer of Liability The information contained in this document is subject to change without notice. Because we are continuously improving...

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Rosen Aviation Personal Displays Document Number: 104461 Template:; Revision A; 12/06/12

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Rosen Aviation Personal Displays Document Number: 104461 Template:; Revision A; 12/06/12

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Rosen Aviation Personal Displays 1. INTRODUCTION Rosen’s high-definition personal monitors are available in a range of sizes and mounting options that allow customers to configure a system that fits their aircraft’s cabin interior. This manual describes how to install arm-mounted personal displays onto your aircraft. It contains everything you need to know to install the base receptacles and connect the display to confirm that it is functioning correctly. This manual covers only Rosen’s high-definition personal displays. Standard-definition displays are covered in the 9” Composite Technical...

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Rosen Aviation Personal Displays 2. VIDEO INPUTS Rosen’s personal displays enable viewers to watch single, high-definition video signals in a variety of formats as well as standard video signals. The following video inputs are available on various models:  Composite (CVBS) If the base receptacle is pinned out for SDI and Composite, then the corresponding display supports both video inputs. However, the display cannot support both video inputs simultaneously.  If neither SDI nor COMPOSITE is connected, the display will default to SDI. If SDI is connected and no COMPOSITE is available, the...

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Rosen Aviation Personal Displays High-definition displays are typically installed in a system where the video is distributed via SDI from a cabin management system and/or HD video distribution to each display. Blu-ray Player Blu-ray Player Personal Display Personal Display Cabin Management System Figure 2 Connecting HD displays 4. INSTALLATION GUIDELINES Most Rosen personal displays are designed on an arm that plugs into a base. Ensure the correct orientation that when plugging the arm into the base receptacle, as shown below, so that the connection is not forced. For round bases, the set...

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Rosen Aviation Personal Displays 4.1. Installing/Removing SlimLine Arm Assemblies To install a SlimLine arm assembly, press the arm button all the way in and push straight down on the arm into the plug body. Arm button Plug body Figure 4 SlimLine locking arm feature To remove a SlimLine arm assembly, press the arm button in all the way and lift up under the arm. 4.1.1. Locking a SlimLine Arm To rotate a SlimLine locking arm so that the display rotates, press the arm button in only halfway. Rotate the display/arm until it locks into the next position, and then release the arm button to lock...

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Rosen Aviation Personal Displays 4.2.1. Locking a Rectangular Arm To rotate a rectangular arm so that the display rotates, press on the arm cap cover to rotate the arm and lock into place at 0° and 180° locations, and then release the cap cover. Arm cap cover Figure 6 Locking mechanism on a rectangular arm 4.2.2. In-seat Displays USE CAUTION when stowing or deploying the in-seat displays. The power turns on and off automatically when you raise and lower the display. To deploy and stow the display, press straight down on the latch button and gently guide the display up or down into a locked...

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Rosen Aviation Personal Displays 4.3. Base Installations The bases mount on either a vertical or a horizontal surface, typically with a minimum of four screws (two per flange); however, the rectangular bases require only two screws.  A ground wire is present in all base harnesses For base pinout information, refer to the monitor drawings We suggest connecting bases using shielded harnesses to improve EMI performance. Attach a grounding strap to the stud on the 0100-342 base receptacle Figure 8 Mounting dimensions for the 0100-342 base receptacle Figure 9 mounting dimensions for the...

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Rosen Aviation Personal Displays Figure 11 Mounting dimensions for the 0100-043 base receptacle Figure 12 Mounting dimensions for the 0100-010 base receptacle Figure 13 Mounting dimensions for the 0100-004 base receptacle Document Number: 104461 Template:; Revision A; 12/06/12

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Rosen Aviation Personal Displays 4.4. Pinout Connections There are several ways to connect a personal display to an aircraft’s entertainment system. Use the pinout descriptions on the monitor’s Outline and Installation drawing to assist in completing the wiring connections. Note: This display is for entertainment purposes only; connect to a non-critical power bus. 5. INITIAL POWER UP Make sure to turn off the power before connecting the harnesses. Ensure low impedance ground connections on the base. Ensure that 28 VDC power supply is OFF Connect the power supply and video source to the...

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Rosen Aviation Personal Displays 5.1. In-seat Display Adjustments If an in-seat display does not shut off when it is stowed, adjust the set screw directly above the limit switch lever so that the limit switch activates when monitor is stowed. To prevent damage to the switch, be sure the limit switch lever does not bottom out on the switch body. Proper contact for the limit switch lever Adjust set screw to contact limit switch Figure 15 Set screw and limit switch positions for power on/off control If the power harness stretches or is kinking while stowing or deploying, loosen the cable...

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Rosen Aviation Personal Displays 6. DISPLAY TOUCH CONTROLS The personal displays have touch-sense buttons on the front panel to control all operating functions. Note: The pad layout is slightly different on some models; for example, the Power LED is not available on some models. Use the plus (+) and minus (–) buttons to navigate through the options. Backward left/down Forward right/up Menu button opens the OSD and accepts option values Touch pad without a power LED Figure 17 Touch controls 7. ON-SCREEN DISPLAY OPTIONS The OSD contains screen settings, options in menus, and informational...

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