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For a new era of general aviation and military turboprop aircraft

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For a new era of general aviation and military turboprop aircraft The RR500 turboprop engine is a new addition to the growing family of Rolls-Royce small gas turbine engines. ● 2,000 / 4,000 hour maintenance intervals ● Designed for ease of retrofit It is a larger derivative of the RR300, with the engine core scaled up for increased power. It will require less frequent maintenance than piston engines of similar power. ● Excellent hot and high performance ● Multi-fuel capability - not dependant on AvGas ● Excellent power to weight ratio ● World-class service solutions Certification Expe

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simply delivers more The RR500 is multi-fuel capable and offers 350 to 450 shp. Rolls-Royce has unmatched turboprop engine It is designed for a range of light single and twin-engine experience that assures the RR500 operator outstanding fixed wing aircraft applications and offers excellent altitude performance and global support. Additionally, the RR500 is well suited for Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) conversions of popular general aviation aircraft to The engine delivers greater speed, improved comfort, turbine power. increased reliability and unmatched operational capability in a...

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Flight mode prop shaft power (HP) The information in this document is the property of Rolls-Royce pic and may not be copied, or communicated to a third party, or used, for any purpose other than that for which it is supplied without the express written consent of Rolls-Royce pic. Whilst this information is given in good faith based upon the latest information available to Rolls-Royce pic, no warranty or representation is given concerning such information, which must not be taken as establishing any contractual or other commitment binding upon Rolls-Royce pic or any of its subsidiary or...

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